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OT-DR appt me (new dr, new diagnosis again)

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So...Friday I had another appointment with a dr at park nicollete.  He performed a pelvic exam....and didn't use any type of lubricant on his gloves or on the "jaws of death".  I almost kicked him in the face, no warning just "please scoot to the end of the table...little more....more....more" then WHAM inserts tool of death with NO warning and NO lubrication.  I yelled.  Hurt all fekking weekend.

New diagnosis?

I need "physical therapy" because he's blaming my pain on my pelvic floor muscles.  He also said "you are going to have to fight with your insurance company because most insurance will not cover it".


Also the right side pelvic pain?  He wants me to see a surgeon about a "femoral hernia".

I have a consultation on Monday.  They wanted me in ASAP but I just left work early last Friday and can't keep losing hours. 

This sucks.

I googled the surgery. 

Shouldn't have done that.  I'm terrified.


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should have that same thing that happened to you done to their rectum so they get a clue.

I'd call the clinic and let them know or fill out the survey they usually send via email and let them know.

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I've never had that happen before...needless to say was QUITE surprising.  I've heard it's pretty common if you have a male doctor.  Maybe that's why a lot of men SUCK at foreplay (not ALL but I've had quite a few lol).  On the plus side after listening to me fill him in on all my ordeals so far regarding this pelvic issue; he actually sat right across from me so he could look me in the eye and said "I'm so sorry nobody has been listening to you".  Horrible exam, but I really like this doctor so far.

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Ability to pay is no excuse for crappy treatment of a patient. This is distressing. I'm sorry for your experiences with this.

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They are? Nobody sent met that memo! But I don't live in La La Land or the bay area, so I'm probably that weird part of CA that nobody here's about...normal CA...LOL!