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"take your kid to work day"-here we go...

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As predicted...DH is all in a snit because Thursday is "take your kid to work day".  He is already starting off all wrong.  He never gave BM 30 days notice that he wanted to do this, and also got the dates wrong.  He though it was Friday, which he thought was perfect because we have SS this weekend anyway so he can just pick him up and bring him home with him after.


It is actually on Thursday, a non visitation day.  He discovered this after yelling at me when I told him and saying I was wrong until he looked it up online himself.  Only reason I said anything is I envisioned him trying to bring SS on Friday...getting denied...then skipping work altogether to spend the day with SS regardless because he's already with him therefore : no $$$.  We have three camping trips planned starting Memorial Day through summer and I refuse to foot the bill.

He sent a text to BM who was all too willing to go along with the change....mostly because now she can use SS as a little spy and get all sorts of info about DH job to use against him.  I don't understand how parent's can be so dense. "she wouldn't do that!" really??? Just like she wouldn't leave out of state on vacation with SS TWICE NOW and not tell you ANY details until you find out AFTER from SS...right? SMH.

Take your kid to work day is a sore subject for me.  My employer is very supportive of this.  We have a HUGE BBQ, kid activities, kid-friendly lab "experiments" (I work in the medical), pictures, all sorts of fun stuff that I can't participate in because I'm "not the parent". I get to watch all these stupid parents "peacock" their kids around the building.  Maybe I can sneak some Bailey's in my thermos of coffee.  There has been no mention of my birthday as predicted.  I bet DH won't even remember it is this week until he gets a "reminder" on Facebook. 

My plan is to just buy some wine and read a new book at the park by my house with my pup, the weather is supposed to be gorgeous.  Anybody have any good rom-com reads they love?

Edit to add: I was able to put $400 in savings this month...Month of May we get 3 checks instead of two and I'm going to try like heck to put an entire check into savings.


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Take Thursday Off.   I can see Mrs. Headlights bringing in her 22 yr old to watch mommy work her "assets"

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Oh jeez. It's my SO's bday today and I thought it was tomorrow. I have nothing planned. CRAP!!

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I hope poophead, er, your DH, APOLOGIZED TO YOU.

Nora Roberts is a good author. More romantic-mystery than Rom Com. Some of my friends like Debbie Macomber (sp).

I once worked for a company that had family picnics every Summer. I was all set to attend.... until the arse-kissing manager decided that EVERY employee would be responsible for entertaining children. How about NO? I don't have children and I am not about to brat-sit other people's kids so they can drink. Don't want to monitor your kid? Get a babysitter. When all of the NON-parent employees changed to NOT attending, it was decided that only parents with children attending would be responsible for brat-tivities. We non-parents had THE best time! LOL!