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aaaalll about SS

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Valentine's Day.  A day I used to love.  When we were dating, DH always had these great plans for us.  One year he got us surprise tickets to a theater: rented us a hotel room with a Jacuzzi tub, we had dinner before the show, went to the show, had drinks afterwards, it was amazing.  The year he proposed he didn't plan anything and piggy-backed on my cousin's dinner reservations.  I was disappointed but then for obvious reasons he hadn't planned anything because he bought a ring.  After that it was dinner on a rooftop patio and flowers.  He would plan the event and I would help pay for the

another blowup w/DH about SS

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So DH gets home with SS on Friday at about 445.....35 minutes later than he normally would.  He is just in.a.mood the second he came through the door, SS retreated to his room immediately seeing the storm brewing.  DH is going off on a yelling tangent about how "stupid BM doesn't drive so HE has to sit in traffic and it WASTED a half hour of visitation time" and he's "sick and tired of doing all the driving, from now on he is going to not follow the CO and is going to pick up SS from school at 3 on the weekends he has him." (this will not help anybody because this means DH will lose an hour

OT- Dr appt results

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So had my appointment yesterday and have mixed feelings.  They did identify the issue: one of my Fallopian tubes is massively swollen.  They were able to replicate the exact pain I feel during the ultrasound.  Now I'm all hunched over at work in pain and mad but I hate the complex that comes with asking for time off due to a "female issue".

Anticipating a let down

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DH is aaaaall excited about getting his licensing for work...with this in mind, he is eager to show off for a gdamn 11 year old for "take your kid to work day"....which coincidentally is a day after my birthday, NOT a visitation day, and the day before visitation weekend.  

I'm prepared to be forgotten.  I can't make myself get my family involved, they all forgot last year.  My friends all work, I just can't get out of my own head that this is just going to suck.  

Sound the trumpets! (eye roll)

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Sound the trumpets!

Bang the cymbals, Beat the drum!

DH got the call that his vehicle is done!

WAY ahead of schedule, (February seemed so far....)


SIL is sick, but DH HAS VISITATION!!

My world spins around, SM's get no vacation


phone calls and scrambling, all for SS you see??

Rides coordinated, early hours abound, back and forth driving, not a "thank you" around

Now you want me to what? DH(Demon Husband) what do you mean?

Keeps getting better (sarcasm)

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So... tomorrow is visitation. Again. 

DH was going to take the bus to work, SIL was going to pick up SS from the bus and meet me at the house...DH was going to show up slightly after from bus....DH uses my car to bring SS home.  

I've already had to refill my tank yesterday due to the extra driving for visitation.  

SIL just informed us that she (and entire household) are now "getting over" the flu.


SS catches EVERY SICKNESS known to man.  And spreads it to us within days.

Fed up

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I'm allowed to be pissed.  I hate how his feckin spawn and DH lack of vehicle is pushed on me.  F this.  Thursdays DH usually goes to his grandma's for his 4 hour visitation because sitting in traffic is a "waste of visitation"...well DH still has no  SIL asked "am I dropping off SS at your place or grandma's?" And of course it has to be OUR place... because I shouldn't have to drive into the cities after work just to pick them up and drop fking SS off at BM....

pity-party for "Poor DH"....

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DH got a phone call yesterday from the repair shop....they are having issues with his insurance company and the police still can't find the hidden vehicle that hit him.... so despite having full coverage and having his vehicle since Tuesday morning....they haven't even started on repairs.  They are guessing he is going to be lucky to have his vehicle back come Feb.  So the "estimate" just went from "you'll have it back by this Friday" to "Sorry, February".   Naturally, DH loses his shyt and starts posting on FB these loooong drawn out posts about "sorry son, daddy is being attacked by the w