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"take your kid to work day"-here we go...

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As predicted...DH is all in a snit because Thursday is "take your kid to work day".  He is already starting off all wrong.  He never gave BM 30 days notice that he wanted to do this, and also got the dates wrong.  He though it was Friday, which he thought was perfect because we have SS this weekend anyway so he can just pick him up and bring him home with him after.


OT-more bad news

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The hits keep coming.

Just found out over Easter Brunch (DH and I forced to secrecy so I need to share here or I will lose it) that MIL might now have lung cancer.  She survived cervical cancer when she was younger, breast cancer within the last two years, and now she might have lung cancer.  They did a usual full body scan at her check-up and found two large masses in her lungs.  She found out via letter on the 19th (can't believe they couldn't call her at least) and they won't have the results until either this Friday or next Friday.

(OT-Take ibuprofen) & BM now accusing us of abuse

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DH did come to the appointment.  SIL jumped on to take over pick up for SS so DH could go straight from work. We were in the room for maybe 15 minutes with the actual doctor.  She did another pelvic exam, felt the same as before and sadly I WAS feeling better until she did the exam. Now it's back again.

She said it wasn't a hernia but the other doctor had to get it checked to rule it out as a potential.

Here we go again with BM and my usual drama

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DH was being SO supportive of my upcoming appointment today for an ultrasound (external this time) that he went out of his way to ask SIL and MIL watch SS for a few hours today so he could meet me at the clinic.  It was unexpected and not something I pushed or even hinted for him to do.  MIL has been a great voice of reason and called me on Friday to discuss said appointment and to ask if DH talked to me about going.  She said he is frustrated with the treatment I have been getting and wants to be supportive, adding that sometimes it helps to have another voice in there that might think of

OT-DR appt me (new dr, new diagnosis again)

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So...Friday I had another appointment with a dr at park nicollete.  He performed a pelvic exam....and didn't use any type of lubricant on his gloves or on the "jaws of death".  I almost kicked him in the face, no warning just "please scoot to the end of the table...little more....more....more" then WHAM inserts tool of death with NO warning and NO lubrication.  I yelled.  Hurt all fekking weekend.

New diagnosis?

BM "april fools" SIL

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My SIL has a husband with two children from his prior marriage.  They took a family vacation out of state for their anniversary on
April 1st.  He did NOT have his kids that weekend.

I guess while they were gone BM texted him on their anniversary that his son fractured his arm in hockey practice and wanted him to come home right away. 

Her DH didn't tell her this until after because he didn't want to ruin their anniversary....but it turned out to be a "April Fool's Joke".

One more-OT-Panic

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sorry for blog hogging but posting about DH doctor issues reminded me of my issues...I was doing SO well dammit.

My follow up appointment with the doctor that did the ultrasound/antibiotics/etc isn't until the 28th.  I finished the hellish two week antibiotic treatment on I think the 8th.

My follow up appointment isn't until the 28th because that was the first day said doctor had available.

clinic not acknowledging other parent?

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Curious about this because I didn't think this would be an issue.  SS has been going to the same clinic and dental office since he was born.  DH and BM split when SS was 3 (I think).  BM had SS enrolled on state healthcare and had little to no out of pocket expenses.  When DH got a job with benefits and took BM to court to establish his rights, the judge ordered DH to cover SS on his health insurance and set forth terms in how bills would be split, etc.