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OT-DR appt update-I'm FURIOUS

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I'm going to summarize as best I can.  Really overwhelmed and down.

Had my "follow up" appointment yesterday.  Pelvic pain has been worse since I finished the round of antibiotics.  Constant throbbing.  Not crippling, but 24/7 "ow".

Got to my appointment.  Front desk refused to admit me unless I paid my balance from my first visit I think from the end of January.  I have health insurance, but was still waiting for my HSA card to come in the mail.  Been waiting over a month and they knew this.  This one bill was for over $500 and they said give us a card to run or leave.  That should have been my first omen.

Got that taken care of.

Brought into the room where there was a pelvic ultrasound machine and was told to put the gown on and wait.  Also informed that my doctor had a student with her that would be "observing" my visit.  Okaaay....would've been nice to know that earlier.....

I wait...and wait...and wait...and a young woman comes in and asks about "my symptoms" etc.  She leaves to relay the info with the doctor (not sure why?) and I wait more.

Both the doctor and student come back in.  Doctor asks me "why are you here?"  I am confused because I was told by the clinic that due to being diagnosed with PID I had to have two follow up appointments after finishing the antibiotics from hell, hence this visit.  The clinic had called ME.

Doctor looks me in the eye and claims she NEVER TOLD ME I HAD P.I.D.

I was stunned into silence....earlier that morning I had printed out my chart from their website....on the chart is has this doctor's name, my name, and a diagnosis that literally says "Pelvic Inflammatory Disease".  It also has a second doctor that did the injections, and the diagnosis listed there is also "Pelvic Inflammatory Disease".  I took antibiotics for TWO WEEKS and was given INJECTIONS.

I let her know I still have pain on the same side.  She asks me to show her and starts pushing on my pelvis.  There was pain on that side when she pushed but she dismissed it.  I asked if we were going to do another ultrasound to see if the tube swelling had decreased and she said NO, it wouldn't tell us anything.  

Um....then how am I supposed to know if my tube swelling has gone down??

I asked if I should get an MRI since that is more detailed and would show any signs of endometriosis and she stopped me mid-sentence and said "You don't have endometriosis".

She asks about my bathroom habits and I tell her I haven't been having any issues and nothing is wrong in that area.

I tried to ask if she could test me for a possible yeast infection since I got off the antibiotics and maybe that is why I still have pain and discomfort, she ignored me, then when I asked again (thought she didn't hear me) she said no.

I try to bring up feeling worse since the antibiotics and she dismisses me again and says she is going to WRITE ME A PRESCRIPTION FOR MALOX AND COME BACK IN 6 MONTHS.

They were nice enough to only charge me $95.00

$95.00 for not even a 1/2 hour one-sided discussion and dismissal of my problems, and a denial of her diagnosis.

I called one of the three women's health clinics that are in-network for my insurance and the soonest they can get me in is April 26.

I feel like I just spent over $800 to be LIED TO and I don't want to pay for my last "visit". 

My three in network clinic choices are Fairview Maple Grove, Park Nicollete, and the U of M.  When I called the U of M to inquire about the cost of a visit he got my insurance info and said "based on your plan, I don't recommend coming here because you will get two bills: one from the clinic and one from the doctor due to how this clinic is classified".  So I guess I'm down to two.


Edited to add- was able to get an appointment at Park Nicollet on April is more expensive and the doctor is a "he" but I want answers.  Not willing to wait until 4/26 for Fairview clinic. 

also adding no blood tests were ever performed, my MIL was furious that this had not been done and said that it should've been standard procedure. Any truth in this? She thinks I might have a...don't know the medical term but it's when a fertilized egg gets stuck in your tube? She said it's microscopic and could be causing the swelling but could also be too small to be seen with a standard ultrasound.











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OMG what a horrible Dr. So sorry to hear this.  I would chose one of the other two and leave a review somewhere or report her for sure.  Unreal!

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I am so sorry - I have horror stories from friends about OBGYN issues and serious problems.  I mean, any OBGYN doctor should take women't complaints about pelvic pain VERY seriously as it's often mis-diagnosed.  Have you been cleard for ovarian/uterine cancer?  I know it's very scary, but it's important.

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OMG this is awful.

Glad you are switching. Also fries MY ass she dismissed your endometriosis question. There is no way she knows just looking at you . THEY must to a LAPAROSCOPY--thru the belly button, with a scope.

Plus she should have ultra sounded you to rule out a possible cyst.

endometriosis throbs and throbs,,,then stops then starts UP does a cyst. So do many things.

What is just as bad, is that under lying feeling THEY think "oh she is looking for pain meds'...That happened to me years and years ago with my kidney stones. I hear a lot of stories that is happening today too.

Stupid Opioid addicts ruin it for truthful people.


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I had a pelvic ultrasound done that revealed a swollen fallopian tube but showed no cysts or anything else. (previos blogs tell more).

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Please tell me you saved the printouts of your charts.

Seriously I would be FURIOUS and not let this crap go. Complain (rightfully so) and try and get some of your money back.

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I wish I would have brought them in the appointment with me. This was printed from the "patient portal"...unsure if the info the clinic has in their computer is the same? They wouldn't give me my chart.

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that's what I thought too but she said no.  They said they will send it to any clinic I want but won't just print and give it to me.  I let her know I didn't know what clinic I was going to yet and she handed me a business card and said call them when I know.

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I use Fairview Maple Grove. They are very good. I don't have a regular ob  there but my GP is Dr Kupta and she is fantastic. She was an OB in India. I delivered my son in Wyoming and I am not sure if those OBs  still practice but I could give you their names. They were amazing.

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I highly recommend Fairview or the U of M. The U had like a dozen students study my weird ass medical problems when I was pregnant. 

I'm sorry that doctor gave you the run around. I would definitely file a complaint with her superiors.