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Chapter 24, Part 4: Bratty’s Notorious Email

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Public Service Announcement:  We've reached the penultimate chapter in the Bratty Chronicles!  After the next chapter (finale) I plan to share some thoughts in an Epilogue and then some more current Bratty news.  Thanks everyone for hanging in there with me through this saga, and for your kind and validating comments.  It is so nice to find a community of people who understand, and this process has been immensely helpful in organizing my thoughts, calming my spirit, and understanding what the future may hold.  So Thank You Steptalkers!

Breaking News: Grandma McBratFace to Bratty - Don't Visit Me!

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We interrupt the Bratty Chronicles for more breaking Bratty news!!!

Bratty is in the process of applying to schools for another post-bacc program as she still wants to pursue medical school.  One of those schools is in the mid-west and about an hour's drive from Grandma McBratFace's home.  Grandma is 87 years old and lives in a senior living community.  SO's sister lives nearby and stops by daily to help Grandma with her medicine, etc.  Although Grandma is still doing well for her age, she suffered a small stroke a couple of years ago that has impacted her memory and cognition.

Chapter 24, Part 3: Family Therapy Round Two – Hello, Therapist 2.0

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I met virtually with Therapist 2.0 in early July.  He seemed personable and discussed the type of approach he practiced.  We then went into my goals.  I specifically told him my only goals were to confirm Bratty’s timing for moving out and to get alignment around visits to our home.  At a higher level I wanted to clarify my role in the ‘family’ as I did not want to be Bratty’s stepmother.  I also told him I disliked Bratty but felt guilty about coming between her and SO, and that was the only reason I was even willing to participate in therapy sessions at all – because I loved SO and wanted

Chapter 24, Part 2: Family Therapy Round One – The Therapist Quits

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After Bratty completed her individual appointment with the therapist, we scheduled a group session.

Bratty came armed with a long list of complaints and demands.  The first request off the bat was Bratty did not want to move out.  SO and I both said no, and that she needed to move out by the end of summer as previously agreed.  Bratty then said would be fine without her own room but would need to keep her stuff at our place.  WTF, Bratty this is not up for negotiation. 

Chapter 24, Part 1: Family Therapy Round One: Where In The World is Bratty McBratFace?

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Chapter 24, Part 1:  Family Therapy Round One:   Where In The World is Bratty McBratFace?

We had made an appointment in early June of 2020 with myself, SO, and Bratty McBratFace, about a week or so after George Floyd’s death which sparked nationwide protests. 

Chapter 23: Bratty’s Big Meltdown

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About 4 weeks after Bratty’s visit, a card came floating in the mail addressed to both SO and I.  SO opened it and it a ‘thank you’ note from Bratty.  He gave it to me to read and seemed proud that Bratty remembered to say thank you.  I asked him point blank if he had told Bratty I was upset about her not saying thank you, and he swore he hadn’t said a word to her.  I don’t know if that is good or bad because if it were my child I would have been on the phone telling her to call me and say thank you but SO never challenges Bratty.

Chapter 21: Unpaid Tolls, Workplace Drama, and Thanksgiving Awkwardness

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In the fall of 2019, Bratty’s Americorps job did not get off to a great start.  Bratty complained that the program director (a middle-aged male, so not the fault of the evil Middle-Aged Women this time) would not use her requested pronouns.  She had submitted a proposal recommending various changes to the office, including converting the restrooms to gender-neutral.  Since they did not immediately implement Bratty’s recommendations she decided to exit the program after serving only 4 months of the expected 12 month role.  Bratty did find a new job as an entry-level medical assistant at a cl

Chapter 20: Birthday Camping Chaos, Part 2

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When the day arrives, SO and I had a pleasant drive to the campsite and our friends arrived in short order as well.  Well, my friends arrived as the SO’s friends had to cancel due to a conflict with their youngest daughter’s soccer schedule.  Everyone set up tents and started to break out some food and adult beverages.  As the evening wore on, there was still no sign of Bratty.  Finally around 9 pm Bratty texts that they just made it to her friends’ house to drop her off, and the drive took a long time due to stops for the infant.  Bratty said she was too tired to drive another 5 hours that

Chapter 20: Birthday Camping Chaos, Part 1

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In the fall of 2019, shortly after Bratty’s visit to ‘move out’, SO’s birthday was approaching.  We had a camping trip planned with friends and I had some sites reserved.  Since Bratty was now in driving distance, and it was her Dad’s birthday, I texted Bratty and invited her along and mentioned she could bring a friend if she wanted.  I thought it would be alright since one of the couples going with us were SO’s friends who Bratty knew and behaved well around so I thought they would be good company.  The other couple were my friends who Bratty was rude to when she was invited to their home