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The Bratty Brunch Report

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I survived!  And it actually went well.

Bratty and Nutter were already waiting for us when we arrived at the cafe.  After some hellos, we sat down.  There was some chit chat before ordering, which I participated in a bit but mostly dug my nose in the menu.  After ordering a vegan wrap, salad and a coffee (and Bratty and Nutter paid for their own food!) there was more chit chat.

Mail Matters in StepLand

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Now that the holiday season is in full swing, I seem to get more mail for Bratty and SO's ex (Darth Vader) than I do for myself.

Yesterday's mail illustrates this example:

- For SO - a couple of bills, a couple of college alumni newsletters

- For Bratty - Jury Duty (he he he) - probably because she never changed her registered address so the county still thinks she lives here

- For Darth Vader - about 10 shopping catalogs (she was a shopaholic when they were married and just loves mail order crap)

Bratty's Other Ask

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So in addition to asking us to tour Nutter GF's parents around town (which was a hard no) Bratty also asked SO if I had any Disneyland passes.  She wanted to offer them to Nutter GF's parents to impress them. 

Like any good narc, the details of them not being hers to offer to anyone aren't relevant to her.  The fact that I told her I dislike her and disengaged from her isn't relevant to her either.  I guess they are now the familial Disneyland passes so she feels entitled to them?

Of course the answer was no to that too

What an entitled little brat she really is.  

O/T: Intermittent Fasting

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Not SK related at all - but curious if anyone has tried intermittent fasting?  I just started a 16/8 schedule a couple of weeks ago, where I skip breakfast (black coffee only in the mornings now - used to have coffee with half-and-half and sugar), eat an early lunch at 11 am, maybe a mid-afternoon snack, and then dinner at 6 or 6:30.  Nothing except water after 7 pm.

Bratty McBratFace is now 'doing well' in post-bacc 2.0

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What a difference a week makes.  SO arranged for a call with Bratty McBratFace after her prior texts from a week ago indicating they were 'not doing well' and had a relapse of mono.  SO's report back painted a very different and very upbeat picture.

Bratty seemed happy after her long weekend in Denver with Nutter GF (apparently they were there for a wedding in Nutter GF's family).  Bratty seemed re-energized and said she is doing well enough in her post-bacc 2.0 classes except for Physics (her nemesis LOL) which she says is really hard.  She has mid-terms coming up next week.

Is Bratty McBratFace On The Move?

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SO mentions last night that Bratty posted a happy smiling picture with Nutter GF on Facebook (I'm connected to Bratty but don't follow her posts anymore).  In the comments someone asked her where that was and she mentioned it was a stop on the way to Denver.  Which is odd because 1) Bratty texted SO last week that she was 'not doing well' and had relapsed with Mono;  2) She is supposed to be in classes and studying (I suppose there may be a mid-semester break but it seems early for that?) and 3) She isn't working so where is getting the money to pay for gas to go from NorCal to Denver?  I'm

Holidays in Stepland: Side-Stepping the Steps

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Well I suppose last year we had a break due to COVID and Bratty McBratFace (SD24) living a few hours away from us - no travelling and our holiday was spent with a small pandemic pod of close friends.  This year, with our family all vaccinated, we are considering holiday plans again.  Holiday plans are such a tricky minefield when dysfunction step-relationships are in the picture.

Bratty is still up in NorCal working on Post Bacc 2.0, living with Nutter GF in a communal house of 12.  I have no idea how its going since I haven't heard anything, nor have I asked.