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Chapter 8: Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

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The start of 2017 was wonderful.  We had a new house.  SO and I were getting along great.  Bratty was an ocean away.  SO and I booked plane tickets for an April vacation to France where we’d celebrate my birthday in Paris.  Life was good, and 2017 was going to be a banner year for me, I thought.

Chapter 7, Part 2: Bicycles, Ultrasounds, and Academic Probation – Oh My!

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We are still with Bratty while she terrorizes the Dutch in Amsterdam.    

The study abroad program had advised that all students would receive a rental bicycle to use for transportation during their semester in Amsterdam.  Bratty never learned to ride a bicycle.  SO says he tried to teach her as a kid but she never got off training wheels and he didn’t force her to learn.  Now, Bratty was aware that bicycle riding would be required while in Amsterdam and SO offered to help her learn the winter break prior to her departure.  Bratty said no, she would learn when she got there. 

Chapter 7, Part 1: Bratty McBratFace Goes Global

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The international edition has arrived!

In 2017, SO and I continued our integrating our household and lives with the peace of an ocean between us from Bratty.  Of course, that doesn’t mean Bratty’s drama stopped – but it did mean I could sit back and just hear about Bratty’s mis-adventures from SO without being directly impacted J

Chapter 5: The Aftermath

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After returning from the reunion, SO and I had a date night.  I still had simmering resentments from Lasagna-gate and finally blew a gasket when SO remarked, ‘are you still upset about that'?  WTF!  I went through it all again, including Bratty’s pesto accusations that he did not get the pleasure of witnessing.  He said the stuff he saw was mainly in the store and thought it was Bratty voicing her opinion.  He said if he had seen Bratty mouth off to me in the kitchen about the pesto he would have said something to her then but didn’t think it best to revisit it with Bratty. 

Chapter 3: Big Moves

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So our story continues at the start of 2016.  SD had returned to college in January.  We had a few dinners and get-togethers during her visit.  I had invited them over for dinner.  All seemed fine although they did continue to talk to each other more than involve me in their conversations.  After SD returned to college, however, she became more of distant thought.  SO would bring her up from time to time and I would also inquire every so often.  SO informed me that SD decided to legally change her first name because she wanted a gender-neutral name and also hated that her mother picked her

Chapter 2: Hello, SD

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As we ended Chapter 1, SO and I were at the start of our new relationship.  It was an exciting time for both of us, the ‘honeymoon’ phase of things.  We had wonderful dates and began to spend overnights at each other’s places.  In October 2015, he jetted off to SD’s university for Parent’s weekend.  He spent time walking the campus with SD, checking out her dorm and classes, and going through the agenda of university-sponsored parent-child events.  I made sure to give him space for this and did not text or call during their weekend together, but was excited to hear his stories when he retur

Chapter 1: The Beginning

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I've posted a few times but decided I want to start using the blog primarily to help me process the past 5 years of steplife that finally lead to my disengaging from SD23 (aka Bratty McBratFace).

So, I will take a journey back in time and start at the start:  how SO and I first met.  We'll call this Chapter 1.