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Bratty McBratFace Has Mono

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She texted SO last week during our vacation that she was at a clinic waiting on a test.  We were visiting Grandma McBratFace (who already cancelled one Bratty visit a couple of months ago) and you could hear the anxiety creep into her voice when she found out. Bratty had rescheduled her visit for August so Grandma was understandably concerned.  I think she would have cancelled again except this time Bratty got the hint and cancelled herself so Grandma is safe once again.

Bratty's Brilliant Road Trip Plan

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Sunday morning, SO wakes up and reads a text from Bratty that came in at 5 am.  Bratty texted that she had a flat tire or tires on the way to visit her friends.  She asked SO to look up the number for Verizon because her phone wasn't getting data (but did have voice/text service).  SO texted her the number and waited for updates.

Update: Bratty McBratFace Finds a Couch to Surf

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So Bratty texted SO yesterday that for her visit (someday next week - still no firm dates LOL) she found a 'friend' who's letting her couchsurf, so she doesn't need to stay with us (read:  take your rules and stuff them caninelover).  I'm so relieved and actually happy that Bratty did not persist with silent treatment to SO and simply found a different way to accomplish her goal.  That's actually very good for her and progress towards more self-reliance.

Update: Bratty Breaks Her Silence...

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So at the start of the holiday weekend Bratty texted SO to ask to stay 'one night sometime in July'.  We had previously set rules in therapy last year for Bratty's visits (reasonable notice, specific dates, and adhere to the schedule).  SO texted her back and let her know per our agreement in therapy we needed specific dates.

Bratty went silent all weeked as she does when she doesn't get her way.

This morning she finally responded to SO's text and said she still wasn't sure about dates and was looking into alternative stay options.  YES!  

Bratty wants to visit

caninelover's picture kick off our nice holiday weekend Bratty texts SO and asks if she can visit sometime in July for one night.  Well technically she doesn't want to visit us, she wants to visit her GF who is nearby recovering from surgery, and another college friend who will randomly be in our area for one day.

Bratty (who has a history of making ridiculous plans) thinks she will drive 6 hours, visit 2 people stay one night, and then return the next day.

Bratty's Post Bacc Conondrum

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In addition to Bratty's ongoing caretaking of her uncles, she is now in a panic over her planned return to school in the fall for post bacc 2.0.

She was definitely accepted to a program in the mid-west but decided against that one when Grandma McBratFace kicked Bratty to the curb for her proposed summer visit.

She had applied to programs in NorCal and I was told 'she was accepted to a bunch' but apparently it may be only one that she applied to, and she's still waiting to hear back from them.  Apparently she may not hear until August.

OT, Sort Of - In Laws in Need

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SO's brother (let's call him Will though obiviously not his real name) lives about 5 hours north of us and is in a wheelchair.  He is pediatrician and has been in a wheelchair since young adulthood due to an accident (he finished his last year of med school from his hospital bed).  Will lives with his longtime partner (let's call him Jim) who is a licensed RN.  Will has a private practice in a small town and Jim manages the practice.