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Chapter 18: Bratty McBratFace - Post-Bac Drop Out

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Towards the end of 2018, when Bratty was struggling with her classes, she sought professional help and was referred to a psychiatrist.  The doctor prescribed some medication for Bratty and initially she reported feeling better.  She met Special Friend # 2 at a school mixer (so much for hunkering down, as Bratty’s social media posts were all filled with undergrad college events and mixers). 

Chapter 16: Couples Counseling and The Apology

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At the beginning of 2019, SO had located a therapist and scheduled an appointment.  We both had the same goal of improving our communication related to Bratty as that was the only area of conflict we had.  The therapist was actually pretty good and started out with some background, etc.  Eventually we got into Bratty’s Thanksgiving visit.

Chapter 15, Part 2: Thanksgiving 2018 – Once a Vegan, Not Always a Vegan

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The next day, yours truly had scored three free tickets to Disneyland.  Bratty was super-excited and wanted to get up at the crack of dawn to get going.  She had a late night flight out of the airport nearby to head home, so the plan was for the three of us to spend the day there, grab some dinner, and then drop Bratty off at the airport.  I was still upset from the day before but decided to put on a happy face and get through the rest of Bratty’s visit. 

Chapter 15, Part 1: Thanksgiving 2018 - The Beginning of the End

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I do love Thanksgiving.  It is really my favorite holiday because it so food-centered.  I don’t really like messing around with modern recipes and prefer the traditional ones:  turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole, etc.  I also do not skimp on using butter and cream because this is the one day of the year I want to be completely gluttonous. 

Chapter 14: Bratty McBratFace vs. Physics 101

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In the fall of 2018, Bratty McBratFace officially began her post-bac program.  Her program would have her completing a core curriculum comprised of required pre-requisites for a med school application, and would take until the end of the following summer to complete (so a year-long program in other words).  Bratty called SO after she settled into her room.  Bratty was now a ‘graduate student’ (even though all her classes were undergraduate-level) and she was going to be very focused on studies.  No more clubs or other distractions.  Bratty was really going to hunker down and crack the books

Chapter 13: Bratty’s Summer Fling

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During the summer of 2018, Bratty McBratFace enjoyed yet another lazy summer after she graduated and was waiting for the start of her post-bac program.  Most people would try to work and use the opportunity to earn a little money.  Not Bratty of course.  With SO paying her rent and food, why bother?  Besides, Bratty had more important things to spend her time on.

Chapter 12: Bratty McBratFace: College Graduate!

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In May of 2018, Bratty McBratFace was set to graduate with a B.A. in Gender Studies.  SO and I were invited to attend the ceremonies, along with a couple of aunts and uncles.  Bratty was really excited and planned activities for family that were travelling in from out of town.  SO travelled out a few days earlier than I did – as I was still getting comfortable in my new job I couldn’t take a lot of time off.  So I flew out separately for the long weekend, primarily to attend the ceremony.

Chapter 11: Bratty’s Weekend Visit

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Peace had returned to the caninelover household.  SO and I were getting along great.  I was relieved it was now clear that Bratty was not welcome to live with us after graduation.  Towards the end of 2017, and just prior to my job ending, I received a wonderful new job offer that started the week after New Year’s.  The timing was perfect – I could collect my nice fat severance, stuff it in the bank, and start the New Year with a great new gig.