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BabyWOB photo shoot :-)

I have a dear friend who has a "real" gig, but who is a photographer on the side. She went and hung out with my daughter, son-in-law and the baby a couple of Sundays ago...

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A tale of two boys - an ASS update

Many of you will remember that ASS has a friend named Frank. ASS and Frank became friends in preschool, back when ASS lived on the west side of the state and DH was married to Medusa.

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I am a Mimi :-)

Peanut arrived Friday night at 8pm...very tiny little girl. 5 lbs 2 oz and only 18 inches!!


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I wonder what she needs now?

Yesterday, I logged in to MiSDU to see what was what with this month's CS from Medusa. Oh, look - the usual $300 payment. Yawm...still over 7K in arrears.

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Ahahahahahahahaha!! Uh, sure, DH

So, BabyVoice has been taking private flute lessons. Apparently, it paid off because she will be one of 10 sophomores in Symphony Band next year and the only one in the flute section. Good for her.

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Today's grammar lesson

Attention people of earth-

The past tense of "text" is "texted."

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Back from Florida - also my husband is just the best!!

We had a great time in Florida - the weather was just perfect, the view from our room was spectacular and we just relaxed and unwound. Such a needed break from the crazy time!!

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Off for a long weekend - and boy, do I need it!

DH is in Florida for work and I am hopping on a plane tonight after work to go down for the rest of the week and weekend.

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And, I am back...with a Medusa CS update

No, no, no, it's not to tell you all that she's cleared her arrearage Smiling

It's the monthly update -


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My little gray girl...

As Echo told you guys yesterday, I've had to make the decision.

Here's my FB tribute to my girl from yesterday...