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Back from Florida - also my husband is just the best!!

We had a great time in Florida - the weather was just perfect, the view from our room was spectacular and we just relaxed and unwound. Such a needed break from the crazy time!!

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Off for a long weekend - and boy, do I need it!

DH is in Florida for work and I am hopping on a plane tonight after work to go down for the rest of the week and weekend.

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And, I am back...with a Medusa CS update

No, no, no, it's not to tell you all that she's cleared her arrearage Smiling

It's the monthly update -


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My little gray girl...

As Echo told you guys yesterday, I've had to make the decision.

Here's my FB tribute to my girl from yesterday...

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Sheba update

I got home from work last night and Sheba just wasn't her usual self.

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And in other news from the mitten...

I totally agree with the GAL's position - if the law requires the state to seek parental termination, then why on EARTH would the kids allowed to remain with their parents?

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"Dear Amy" gets what it's like to be a step parent...

While I don't think this stepmom should be worrying about her grown ass SD, I do like what Amy has to say about the situation...

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Thing2's graduation and other tales from the weekend

Well, I didn't see Asshat or Money-Ka the whole weekend, so WIN WIN!! Thing2's ceremony was great, he was recognized for winning an award for his research paper and the weather was great!!!

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Thing1's graduation...

last weekend went off without too many hitches.

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Can't believe I didn't realize this - OR - waaaay too close to Asshat and Money-Ka for my comfort

So, what I am referring to as "Graduation-Palooza" begins tomorrow with the first graduation ceremony for Thing1. It's in the basketball facility at his school, open seating, no tickets required.