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Don't know what to think

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Since YSS told "H" he wasn't coming over (last blog) things have gotten worse, way worse!

BM keeps texting H about YSS. BM took YSS to a therapist because he keeps getting very emotional and cries a lot. Therapist (psychologist) diagnoses him with major depression and he is prescrbed Prozac (don't know how a psychologist prescribed it but maybe it was his regular MD? Dunno). This was less than 2 weeks ago and YSS starts his Prozac.

liquor fueled anger and life with a functioning alcoholic

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H is a heavy drinker but it's usually beer and he's in a pleasant mood when he sticks to beer, until he passes out on the couch.

But yesterday he switched to dark rum and coke and I knew it was going to be an interesting evening! Don't know what causes it but add brown liquor (whiskey, rum, whatever) and he becomes angry!!

So many wtf holiday memories!

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Since graduating from stepmom not-give-a-flip university, all has been calm on the skid front, until the IL Christmas grinch-a-bration.

Back in May when DH's grandma passed, MIL announced that DGD (BIL's DD12) started calling BIL's wife "mom", and MIL thought that was just so awesome. And of course MIL was trying to get me upset that DH's kids weren't calling me mom. If she only knew...HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Oh and BEFORE BIL and bio-mom divorced, MIL thought the sun rose and set on bio-mom. Now bio-mom probably ranks only slightly higher on MIL's list than I.

OT - ILs are major league a-holes!

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I knew this already, but it really hit home last night. DH's family (BIL/SIL/BIL's kids) all gathered at ILs to celebrate Christmas.

We're doing the gift exchange and MIL brings me a gift bag, and it's the usual, an ornament. I get one every year and it was cute enough. But then FIL hands me a card, and in it is a note that reads:

"Son and DIL,

All debts to me and your mother are now forgiven. Hope this helps to make your Christmas & New Year less stressful.

Advice for X not paying CS

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X and I have been divorced since 2012. He was unemployed when we divorced, so he's required to pay the minimum CS- a whopping $256 a month!

He stopped paying CS regularly in the summer of 2018, so I set up the CS payments to be managed through our state's CS system. Once that was set up, he paid on time for awhile, then stopped sending payments again this past summer.

YSS drama/injuries

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All has been pretty quiet in Stepville here. I try to stay out of the BM/step stuff.

BUT a few months ago, H calls me to say he's on the way to the school because YSS got in trouble for posting "terroristic" threats on SM. YSS got immediately suspended and had to attend a tribunal to get reinstated at school. The boy had a team of lawyers because BM has to have the best! It was an overreaction on the school's part, but I can understand why they have to take even ridiculous stuff seriously. BM also sent DH the lawyer bill asking for half. LOL