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YSS doesn't "feel like" coming over this weekend

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YES!! My weekend is looking up.

YSS is going to join ranks with MSS and OSS and give dad the finger. Knew it was coming.


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Yes my SD did that a few times and I was like yasss but then daddee had to "make up" the time so we got SD for like 3 weekends straight 

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H texted him "Why?" and YSS said he was upset because H made a rude comment about BM and I was mean to him.

This was all from the dreaded Wednesday visit. I put dinner out, YSS scooped out almost half of the pasta for ALL of us and I said "Save some for the rest of us". and I didn't say it in a stern way, just like, Hey, dude, save some of it for us!

After dinner the kids were doing the dishes and YSS purposely sticks his hand under scalding water. H told him to stop because BM would be taking him to the ER. And he took that as an insult to BM.

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SS claimed he didn't want to come over anymore because I'm "too strict" for expecting him to throw out his own trash and turn his phone off at 11pm.

He still comes over though...

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That was hilarious! In my mind I heard it in the voice of "How DARE you?!?"


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I don't think the SKIDs realise what a  blessed relief it can be when they don't come!  

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It was funny to see how quickly their tune changed with DH told them that he wanted to see them, but he wouldn't force them to come to our house and wouldn't fight with them over it. 

BM also changed her tune over that. Before she was crying to all who would listen about how traumatic it was for SSs to come to our house. Then after DH told the kids he wouldn't force them, all of a sudden BM was adamant that DH had no right to change the schedule without consulting with her first! Talk about ridiculous!

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Will DH let him not come over? My SS wasn't given a choice. Yours needs to come over and talk about his feelings with you and his dad.

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Yes, BM would overrule H and not force YSS to come over, if H protested. BTDT/ t-shirt


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I would inform the kid they are not in charge and do not have a choice, thus will be visiting for the time the CO states. You know, in irder to set boundaries and actually raise a human who did not think the world revolved around their desires.

But....... in reality if this was my skid I would be secretly thrilled at a weekend without them. Prior to my SD estranging herself she would skip visitation or cut it short. I felt bad for my DH but I didn't feel bad for me, I loved it. That's the way it goes for disrepectful skids. 

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Oh but he does think the world revolves around him! He nearly got expelled from school for posting an inappropriate picture that could be interpreted as a threat on SnapChat, but the Principal is the "bad guy" in his book and BM thinks it was a "witch hunt". BM got him a team of lawyers for that one.