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liquor fueled anger and life with a functioning alcoholic

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H is a heavy drinker but it's usually beer and he's in a pleasant mood when he sticks to beer, until he passes out on the couch.

But yesterday he switched to dark rum and coke and I knew it was going to be an interesting evening! Don't know what causes it but add brown liquor (whiskey, rum, whatever) and he becomes angry!!

He got crankier throughout the day and by half time he was clanking pots and pans and cleaning the kitchen so loudly we couldn't hear the show well! Next thing he was passed out and snoring by the end of the 3rd quarter. DS asked me if I was going to wake him up and I said, Nah, we'll just let him sleep.

So disappointing when what you think will be a fun day devolves into a shitfest.



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I'm sorry, that sucks. I think that would drive me crazy.

My Dh's Ex Wife is like that. He lived with her alcohol induced rage for almost 20 years..the last 5 years was really reall bad.......and he finally had enough. She would also pass out most of the time, but would also hit him, push him, throw things at him....and not remember a single thing the next day and act like nothing happened. He stuck around for the kids b/c her rages involved telling him he could never leave her without ruining the kids lives....

Guess who was the bad guy for leaving the marriage??? It was not the abusive alcoholic ex wife........

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Thanks. This isn't the first incident. I drink too, but not like he does, and can take it or leave it.

This past summer he took YSS to practice early Saturday morning, got drunk and passed out by 11 am and I was left managing the house for the rest of the day. He slept all day! I told him next time he pulls that crap I'm calling BM and telling her to get YSS and I dont' give a F what she thinks.

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My XH was a nasty drunk.  He was a nasty sober person too but worse when drunk.  And he too drank brown liquor which would fuel his anger.  It would result in him verbally abusing me for hours at a time. I think the longest I can remember was six hours straitof him screaming and yelling at me.  

Just the smell of whiskey makes me gag.  

I say video his ass next time so he can see what a jerk he is being 

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You have at least 2 kids. Do you want them to continue to grow up with this as a normal home life?

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Hon, please tell me that you know that this is neither normal nor acceptable. The longer you stay, the longer you allow your poor children to believe that it is both. Please get help. If not for yourself, for them.