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So many wtf holiday memories!

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Since graduating from stepmom not-give-a-flip university, all has been calm on the skid front, until the IL Christmas grinch-a-bration.

Back in May when DH's grandma passed, MIL announced that DGD (BIL's DD12) started calling BIL's wife "mom", and MIL thought that was just so awesome. And of course MIL was trying to get me upset that DH's kids weren't calling me mom. If she only knew...HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Oh and BEFORE BIL and bio-mom divorced, MIL thought the sun rose and set on bio-mom. Now bio-mom probably ranks only slightly higher on MIL's list than I.

I thought it was awful and not appropriate, but kept my mouth shut. Yeah, call stepmom an affectionate mom-ish nickname, but Mom is reserved for bio-mom, if bio-mom is present, "decent" and active parent, etc. JMO.

FF to Christmas grinch-a-bration and BIL, SIL, his DS18, DS15 and DD12 are all there. BIL's DD12 was sitting on a window bench seat and knocking over all the Christmas knick knacks repeatedly, even though there were seats available all over the place. MIL laughed it off and said she could destroy whatever knick knacks were there, MIL/GMA was okay with it.

Then SIL and I got in a good conversation. SD12 kept walking by us and going back and forth, pacing. Then she'd interrupt us asking SIL some stupid question, always starting with "Mom.....". She was just sucking all the energy out of SIL and I could tell she was getting stressed. SIL told me that SD12 told her that she "thought bio-mom was jealous of SIL". SIL and I kept trying to have a conversation but after multiple rude interruptions from SD12, I gave up and got a wine refill.

Call me a cynic, but this girl is manipulating SIL and bio-mom and playing them against each other to compete for her affections. She can't stand not being the center of attention. She is going to be a high maintenance teen to deal with! Oh my.



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Lets see how long SD12 lasts with calling step mom "mom". I'm sure your SIL will be over soon enough. 

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My SD12 is also an attention sucking vacuum.  She does the constant interuppting thing and that is one of the most annoying things to me ever.  She has been doing it since I met her b/c DH and his family never call her out on it they just stop everything and awe over whatever dumbass thing she interuppted for.  One time my dad was over and SD being the attention hungry brat she is came out and interrupted my dad while he was talking to DH.  My dad loudly said, "HEY I WAS TALKING"....I don't think I could have loved my dad anymore at that moment than I already did.  SD shut the hell up and sulked back to her room.  To me that is just so damn rude and something I have taught my children NOT to do!  

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Good for your dad! To me, that's on the parents because they haven't taught thier kids not to interrupt. I should've said something to my niece, like, "Hey, niece, the adults are talking, go find something to do".  Also I don't like kids listening in and participating on adult conversations unless it's a "group" thing where everyone is participating. Guess I'm old school lol.

DD used to try to interrupt conversations and I'd look at her and do the "1" sign with my hand to let her know to shut her trap and let me finish my conversation. Now all she needs to see is my finger going up and she gets it.

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Oh I agree it is totally on the parents.  I think it embarassed DH a little and of course after my dad left he went in and kissed SD's ass which was disgusting to me.  My DH's SM will call SD out on this also.  I still think it is hilarious.  If you could have seen the look on SD's face.  You could tell she had never been reprimanded for anything like that before.  Ha, SD is bad about the listening and trying to participate in adult conversations.  The last time we were at DH's friend's house his friend was like, "why is SD in here with us...aren't the kids doing xyz in the other room?"....even his friends seem to get it and DH still seems blissfully unaware which drives me crazy.  The last time she interupted me while I was talking to DH I was in a bad mood and snapped (which I rarely do) and just said in an a very annoyed voice "I wasn't talking to you!". 

I do the same with my kids I either say, "I'm talking to someone stop interupting" or I give them the "1" sign and they know to wait.  It isn't that hard to instill basic manners with most children.

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Why you disengage.   Good that SIL got some of SD great personality 

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I can’t count the number of times I was in mid conversation when YSS would interrupt and say something to DH.  DH would ignore that I was taking and answer or cater to YSS.  I would just walk off and leave them to fend for themselves the rest of the weekend.   A few times DH would come back a and try to pick the conversation back up....not happening big guy.  Just keep walking cause we won’t be talking.   

Now I either tell YSS to knock it off and be patient or tell DH he’s a rude ass when it happens.  It rarely happens anymore