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Don't know what to think

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Since YSS told "H" he wasn't coming over (last blog) things have gotten worse, way worse!

BM keeps texting H about YSS. BM took YSS to a therapist because he keeps getting very emotional and cries a lot. Therapist (psychologist) diagnoses him with major depression and he is prescrbed Prozac (don't know how a psychologist prescribed it but maybe it was his regular MD? Dunno). This was less than 2 weeks ago and YSS starts his Prozac.

Wednesday, H goes over to pick up YSS and BM and YSS meet him in the driveway and YSS tells him he doesn't want to come over but won't say why. So H gets mad and comes back to the house. Last night, BM sends H a novel length text about YSS. YSS cut his knuckles with a knife and she met/discussed it with YSS therapist. Therapist stops the prozac and recommends YSS see a psychiatrist (per BM) because the prozac seemed to be making his symptoms "worse". So now YSS is on Celexa. BM is a medical genius but seems unaware that prozac can take weeks and weeks to start "working" because it needs to get into your system. It seems that she wants an automatic cure for YSS depression and that's not going to happen!! And of course YSS has the patience of a gnat! It's not like treating strep throat.

The psychiatrist she chose is out of network, because, BM!!  This is SO typical BM. She has to have the specialist most advanced state of the art treatment!

The topper is YSS told BM he doesn't want to come over because of ME! That really hurt my feelings because I know what I've done for him. I will say no to him and he isn't used to that. No matter what, I'm always the bad guy. YSS doesn't realize the trips we've taken, the time I've picked him up from practice and then took the kids out because H was passed out drunk. He won't appreciate that I was trying to prevent him from getting into an adult situation he couldn't get out of, when I made him bring home the golf cart from his girlfriend's house. YSS has witnessed H and I fight and H sides with skids. I'll be okay but it just hurts, can't help it!

H texted BM asking why YSS was taken off prozac so soon and she said it was because they were concerned about suicide. Isn't it a "jump" to go from psychologist to psychiatrist? If YSS were endangering himself they would admit him to a facility? H also said he wouldn't be paying for the out of network psychiatrist!

H and I want him to get the proper treatment. BM needs to understand that there aren't quick fixes when it comes to mental health.

I'm about done because H still bitterly complains about BM "effing him over" because she was the mother of his children. I told him he needs to get the hell over it and move on. And that he must still have feelings for her if it's still got him riled up 10 years later! FFS.



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Ugh, the therapist hopping.  BMs on here seem to be great at that.  BM here decided that SD had to go to some super special out of network therapist to be tested for disabilities (even though she is also supposedly gifted).  Anyways, thank goodness BM sent DH a string of e-mails between her and the super expensive therapist that shows BM saying, "I will pay for this even if my insurance doesn't cover it".  Then she whines to DH about the cost.  Well idiot....pick a "specialist" in network.  Funny thing is BM didn't get the desired results of SD having a learning disability to blame her poor performance in school on!  

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Well, a lot of pediatricians don't want to dabble too much in mental health drugs, especially if there is a risk of suicide. So the referral to the psychiatrist is appropriate.  And some of those SSRIs do cause suicidal ideation, so that might be why they changed it right away.

That being said - why are you picking up the slack for your alcoholic husband? And maybe his drinking is part of why your YSS is having mental health issues? Doesn't seem like this is all BM's doing. 

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Not many medications are safe for teens. Prozac is one of the few but it can be sketchy too. YSS didn't like the therapist. Why didn't they try another therapist and see if it could be dealt with at that level? Do psychiatrists routinely get involved to treat major depression?

I want YSS to get whatever treatment he needs. I'm not paying for any of it and it's none of my business. YSS didn't mention his dad's drinking as an issue, just me! I'm sure it's been detrimental to him because it's been detrimental to everyone else.

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Yes, Psychiatrists routinely treat major depression. Your SS is much better off with a psychiatrist, who is a medical doctor, prescribing meds than a psychologist. People will often see a psychiatrist for medications and a psychologist or social worker for "talk" therapy. I thought prozac carried a "black box" warning for use in young people - suicical ideation can be a side effect. In any case, any psychiatric medication can take several weeks to make a difference.

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Thanks, I wonder if the psychologist tested him? My psychologist used the MMPI and I was diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression, but was never referred to a psychiatrist. Guess it depends on the individual circumstance.

True Prozac does have that side effect but it's one of the meds commonly prescribed to teens as I understand. I'm worried about YSS taking any of that type of medication since teen brain chemistry is so different from an adult's.

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Apparently psychologists can prescribe medication in 5 states:  Iowa, Idaho, Illinois, New Mexico and Louisiana. Today I learned.