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disengaging - you know you've arrived when

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You don't care if DH pays his CS or even bother looking at the BM doctor bills.

You don't care if BM is threatening legal action.

You don't care if skids eat dinner or like what you've fixed.

I used to get all knotted up about this crap and now I.don'  It's amazingly liberating. Smile


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You don't care when Skids fake cry for attention

you don't care when BM continues to damage skid

could list so much more but yes it does feel great !

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When I make food, and call my BIOS down and make them plates, and make sure SO eats.. but then leave the food on the stove just in case the sk's want to come down and make themselves a plate. No calling to them that food is ready. After about 40 minutes I put the food up in the fridge. They can get it or not.

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When I pleasantly say bye everyday, and if they don't respond back it's not a big deal. It's actually half-expected.

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....when you can look at two SDs (9 and 11) having meltdowns at the same time for ridiculous reasons, DH literally in the middle of them on the stairs, frustrated as he!! because they have to be somewhere at a specific time that is now impossible to do, and then you can calmly tell him that you are sorry you cannot help because you have an appointment YOU made a month ago that you are not rescheduling.

And you leave.