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OT - Eff Off Friday

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Happy Friday, STalkers. It's that time again! Eff off to:

  • arseholes who sit at a green light until you give a short honk (probably on his cell phone) then they constantly change lanes to prevent you from passing, and when a long empty space opens up, they gun it. F*ckwit.
  • people who think every bloody call should be on speakerphone
  • my lack of willpower when it comes to tasty pizza

OT - Eff Off/Food Friday

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Yes, I'm combining Eff Off Friday with Food.

Eff Off to:

  • Meetings that are supposed to be 15 minutes, but last over an hour because people keep YAMMERING
  • IRS scam phone calls (and all other scam/spam calls!)
  • Middle-aged acne (and some beard hairs are ingrown)
  • Beard hairs!! (and other "new" hair in previously hairless places)