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OT - Eff Off Friday

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TGIF, STalkers!!! The beginning of the weekend is just hours away and it can't get here quickly enough.

Eff off to:

  • My back hurting so freaking much there is NO way I'll be carving a single pumpkin
  • PT for my back alternating between tickling and hurting
  • Rain
  • DH being curmudgeony because of the rain
  • People who are too stupid to drive under normal conditions and are bloody abysmal when it rains
  • Running late (because of the RAIN) and not having time to stop and treat myself to a Vanilla Cardamom Latte.

Hope everyone has a good weekend. If you're attending a Halloween bash, be safe!!!



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Eff off to my 2 year old whose molars are coming in and thinks 5:45 a.m. is a good time to wake up mama with an elbow from the top rope. He's so lucky he's cute, but in that 15 minutes of fog, I fantasize about finding a nice family of wolves to finish raising him.

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Eff off to bloody TomTom!  Why use navigation when it doesn't even know where it is?!

TomTom: Turn left..... Turn left......  Turn left now.

Where you stupid tosser? All I see is a 300 metre long hedge on the left and you are telling me to turn left??!! Granted it was  the first time TomTom has failed me, but OMG, turn left?! 

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Myss, maybe that bloody tosser wanted you to turn left INTO THE HEDGE! It could be a time-saving shortcut!!!

Woman, I'm LAUGHING because I can hear you yelling at TomTom. Lol

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I did yell!  OMG, Aniki, I was already close to being late and this stupid app is telling me to Turn left!! Where-TF must I turn left??!! 

I am always afraid to drive with passengers because I have the foulest mouth when I get behind the wheel!  I am no expert but I swear (pun intended!)  "Driving induced Tourettes" is real!

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Driving Induced Tourettes is a worldwide disease!!! One of my brothers, both of my sisters, DH, and I all have it!!

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Love it!  When my eldest nephew was a toddler he would start cussing up a storm as soon as you put him in a car seat.  He thought that's what you were suppoed to do in a car because both of his parents did.  LOL

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Eff off to lingering colds....for crying in the night, I have had this one for two weeks!

Eff off to idiots who get in crashes on the freeway and don't move their cars to the side of the road.


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Well, crap, WOB. Hope you kick that cold's arse soon! Are you drinking hot toddies? Chugging Nyquil?

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Hot Toddies are frowned upon at work, but I have one at night when I get home.

I gave up the NyQuil a few nights ago - I'm not terribly stuffed up, just when I wake up, a few sneezes throughout the day and generally feeling run down Sad

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Frowned upon? Why, those insensitve buttheads. I hope you have a BIG one tonight, hon. And get plenty of rest. xoxo

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I second that! It took me almost an hour longer (usually takes 45 minutes already) to get home yesterday becuase of not ONE but TWO dummy drivers. **sigh** I wish I owned my own helicopter.

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I wish transporting was available and Scotty could beam me directly where I want to go!

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Eff off to my DH for offroading in my Charger.  I think we blew another $300 sensor due to dirt.

Eff off to rain, because tonight is THE football game (gotta love those Friday Night Lights).

Eff off to parents who talk a lot of smack about one of the middle schools just because a feral child wrote a threat on the bathroom wall.  FFS, be pissed at HER parents, not admin and our SRO.

Eff off to Adidas.  $85 sneaks that lasted 3 months for my oldest.

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Bad DH! BAD!!!

I stopped buying Adidas and Nike many years ago because they couldn't hold up to my physical demands. I'm a Reebok Beeyotch!

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... yesterday, $84 running shoes. They are so comfy and I hope they make it more than 3 months! Been wearing Nike & Teva's a lot.

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Eff off to continuing to work from home.

And especially eff off to people who think they should be the boss because they have the years of experience but put ZERO effort into actually trying to take on a leadership role.

Seriously, when you want to be the manager and your director tells you THREE MONTHS AGO to update your job description to reflect your new role, don't you think you should? Or when your director asks you to make a list of things you want to learn in order to be an effective manager, don't you think you ought to do that versus saying "no, you give me a list, Director, but until you do, I'm not doing more than I already am."

I could write a whole series of blogs about the person who is about to be my manager and how I have nearly no respect for her...

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I am a big believer in that you actively pursue opportunities you want.

Example: I was feeling disconnected from others in the field (and this is a job where networking is essential just to do your job), so I wanted to start attending a meeting that happens every 2 months. I asked the director and she said sure.

I go to leave for the meeting with Director and "Manager" (who, mind you, isn't over me or my supervisor in any way) loses her sh*t because she is "stuck in the office doing paperwork like a secretary".

Um, we ALL do this paperwork. Director included. I just didn't have any at that time. Plus, Director doesn't like sending Manager to meetings because she has one that she is supposed to attend but missed is for 6 MONTHS because she didn't see the value in going.

Manager tols me one of her goals is to be more engaged with others in the field. You would THINK that would mean she would be begging to go to meetings, or evening/weekend events (these are just part of our world), or join a board, or SOMETHING!

NOPE! She went to one event to meet her goal (an event I went to, too, to help/for the networking). She is on 0 boards; I'm on 2. I helped organize a fundraiser and manned a booth for a big fundraising walk this year, in the middle of planning a regional program and prepping to write a new grant. She showed up with a friend right before the walk and left right after, no help with set up or anything. She hasn't attended anyone else's fundraisers or events, unless of course they'll feed her a meal she likes. I tend to avoid those because I feel like I'm taking spots/money from someone/something that is unnecessary.

Most recent annoyance: I was told not to worry about a program because I was dealing with 2 others. Well, we get to the week before the program and Manager is off the 2 days before. Director is scrambling to get stuff done, so I step in to help with her list. I show up the day of the program an hour before anyone else to start getting set up. Director gets there to finish helping me. Manager strolls in when program registration starts, saying she ALMOST DIDN'T COME BECAUSE I HAD IT HANDLED!

The only reason I was "handling" it is because she didn't before leaving and our director was drowning. I didn't want/need the added responsibility, but I did what had to be done. 

I'm derailing the blog, but I feel better now. There is way more, but I'm at my wit's end.

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Hooray for Fridays! I wish all of you an awesome weekend to make up for the crap we've all endured this week.

Eff off to:

  • Sexist losers who justify their abusive ways by denigrating an entire gender (some loser in the forums who apparently the moderators think it's ok for him to say that any woman who has been abused is at fault for her own abuse).
  • People who make consistently incorrect assumptions about others as they view the world through a projective lens.
  • Frogs. I've had enough of frogs all over everything. Please send some very cold air my way!

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Ah, the ASSumptions... I dislike people who make the ASSumption that they are qualified to give worthwhile advice on a subject in which they have NO experience...

I loathe frogs.

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I get it - the loathing of frogs.

I used to think they were sort of cute - but after an especially rainy summer, they have reproduced like crazy and are EVERYWHERE!

They jump on us when we open the screen door. They jump on us when we open our car doors. They urinate everytime they jump, and they will always jump towards us instead of away. They have invaded our boat, and one even got squished flat when it crawled in the front door crack and I shut the door without a clue. Yuck!

I believe they are in the trees as our cars don't stay clean for even an hour. Frog poo all over the window-sills.

I can't wait to move back up north!!!

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I use the allergies to remind myself to stay grateful to be so otherwise healthy, and that I rarely get sick. But I feel sorry for my co-workers having to hear my sneeze-fests & hacking every Fall! I drink a lot of herbal tea with honey to try to keep that minimal. 

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Eff off to car wrecks

Eff off to people who are turning, suddenly change their minds, start accellerating and ram into you while you're turning.

Eff off to police not even taking my statement

Eff off to getting yelled at when you're on the phone with 911 just trying to make sure everyone is okay per their directions

Eff off to meeting your DH's coworkers at the scene of a car crash

Eff off to a sore upper body

Eff off to whoever decided to give out feeder fish to kids that die in a few hours leaving them heartbroken

Eff off to it being Psycho's weekend, SD9 is pissed, she literally told me to drive her to the judge so she could yell no at him and not go anymore

Eff off to Psycho probably trying to use to car accident against me

Eff off to having to deal with insurance today

Eff off to them taking the other people's statement and not mine

Eff off to being congested as he!!

Eff off to spending the entire weekend literally by myself at the house

Eff off to them telling me they won't even have a statement ready until Monday

Eff off to them lying and saying they were going at 40 mph, my car is literally just knocked out of alignment, whereas theirs is crunched. As my car didn't move, they can't tell me they hit me at 40mph, because oh yeah, they were turning and just started accelerating, and were actually going at a low speed. They already had damage to their car before hitting me, but do you think they'll say that? NOPE! They told the police "we were driving down the road at 40 mph, and she just came out of nowhere and ruined our car." Yes I'll probably still be at fualt as they were on the main road, doesn't matter they suddenly pulled out of the turn lane and accelerated into, but they should have at least taken my statement.

Eff off to the fact when asked for insurance they looked at the cop with "ummmm... Ummmm...."

Eff off to also being sick and haveing an upset stomach. 

Eff off to the driver of the other car screaming and yelling instead of telling me if everyone was okay, causing both the girls to be afraid and the girl who climbed out of his car to burst into tears (she was fine until he started screaming)


As a positive, I called DH, he left class to come and check on us, ran all our vitals, and then took good care of me the rest of the night.

I'll stop complaining now. Everyone is okay. Since the EMT and Paramedic work with DH I double checked with them. They said everyone was okay and signed the papers to refuse treatment. My BIL and SIL were nearby too. BIL actually stayed with me and SIL took both the girls so they could get away from the chaos and the screaming man while I finished whatever the police needed.

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Aw, sweetie. I wish I could bring you some of my Mom's chicken and rice soup. Also, give the judge a Flying Five Fist Monkey Nut Punch and have some aliens abduct Psycho (and never bring her back).


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I'll be okay. It's just frustrating.

Also I'm still mad at the judge. Evenmoreso since the world's shyest kid is ready to go scream no at him to stay away from Psycho. Also, sht told me they cheated to get extra time at fall break. I told her a judge said it was okay and we can't say no still. She was no happy. I felt terrible.

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EFF off to not seeing my husband this weekend

Eff off to the noreaster we have brewing

Eff off to cold and damp weather

Eff off to business trips NORTH where it's even COLDER

Eff off to not winning the lottery

Eff off to being too much in debt and too far from retirement!

Anyone figure out I am dealing with a big black bear of winter blues? lol.

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Sorry, ESMOD!!! Winter is my favorite season. Too bad you can head my way for a few glasses of wine.

BTW, my lottery ticket won enough for me to retire for about 2 minutes. Sigh...

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Hi Aniki & Steptalkers!

- Eff off to not wining the lottery jackpot

- Eff off to the 5 year old gremlin who couldn't sit his @ss still & kept kicking me

- Eff off to this rain that is coming on Saturday, it better not rain on my Halloween parade Diablo

On that note wishing everyone a happy and funfilled weekend!


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Hola, Siempre!

100 of us could have won and split that jackpot and been able to retire. Dammit!

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EFF off to not winning the jackpot and living within 20 miles of the winner lol, didn't pick the right numbers but heyyyyyy, that's a small point, right?

EFF off to anyone who hurts, bothers, ticks off, or just irritates my friends, I'm in a mood today Diablo

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My husband went through our local airport the same day someone did that won a jackpot.. so close!

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I took my kids trick or treating on Soriority Row on Campus last night.  It's something I love doing every year.  I have two extra kids living with me right now as they and their mother are homeless.  It's that mom friend I've blogged about before.  The one who would stick her ADHD kid in the car with me cause she needed a break.  Yep.  She's homeless and living with me now and so are her two kids.  One of those kids lost her iphone trick or treating.  40 mins lost chasing down that kids phone last night.  When she tried to get into my car (cause I had given up my coveted parking space already in the parking garage when she discovered her phone was gone) the crossing guard from the University Police Department (not a cop but a meter maid) yelled at the kid and used curse words.  Then she started yelling at me to find a aprking space instead of just pulling over to let the kid back in my car and used curse words.  I said, "What's your badge number?"  She wouldn't give it to me.  I said, "what's your badge number?!" six more times.  She wouldn't give it to me.  Finally she said, "WHY? You need it for when I call DCF on you?!"  Girlfriend didn't know I used to work for the police department for 16 years and knew the University Police Department Sargeant's desk phone number by heart and had her boss on my cell phone in literally 10 seconds saying a meter maid just cursed out young children and then threatened to call DCF on me when I asked for her badge number to report her unprofessional behavior.  It turns out I didn't need her badge number because he knew just who it was.  My kids were amazed and looked at me with their mouths hanging open and I said, "DON"T EVER LET ANYONE BULLY YOU!" but ugh.  These kids of hers!  They are so irresponsible and irritating.  My nice towels are sitting wet in my driveway for some unknown reason this very minute.  They keep slamming my front door over and over again so hard my windows shake.  I can't wait until she finds a job and a place of her own.  

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NoWire, I'm glad you got that popie crossing guard's number (pun intended).

Gaaaaaah, you're a better person than I am. DH and I are very private people. He's even said it would be TFB if a skid needed a place to stay because it would NOT be with us.

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Happy Friday!!

I have a lot to be happy about today. At my company and in my line of work, this week was our April 15th, our Superbowl, etc.

I think it went really well and I was able to save us from a couple mistakes that would have affected our report card (I'm sure I'm not the only one, but today's potential blunder would have cost us enough to bring our A+ down to an A-).

I'm glad it's Friday. I have the house to myself this weekend, so I think I will be vegetating tomorrow as it rains.

So eff off?

Eff Off to colds in the workplace! People better hope I don't catch anything.

Eff Off to neck pain - I have a massage on Sunday and am really looking forward to it.

That's all I got.

Today, I'm meeting my first xh to sign off on a special needs trust for DS22. Once that's done, I will send a copy to my regular attorney and finalize the new will removing stbx and his sons. I will feel much better traveling internationally next month knowing my kids are taken care of and the will has been updated.


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Ugh, I can't stand people who come in spreading cooties. One group all has strep throat because one gal thought she was indispensable. The others are P!SSED.

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- To not being a permanent worker bee.

- To having just found out Feral Eldest SD19, who is still telling lies and manipulating, who claims to be "rock solid for her younger sister", who hangs up on this younger sister, after she discovers her older sister is taking over the room she just cleaned and organized, and there was no word ahead of her just settling back in with BM.

- To stressing over possibly having to move (find out saturday).