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OT - Eff Off Friday

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TGIF, STalkers! It's a breezy 18 degrees Give rose here with a few flurries. I'm ready for a big snow dump. *dirol*  Short one today...

Eff off to:

  • SD25's maid of honor. She caught the covid. Guess who was asked to fill the position? *dash1*

Go ahead. Cue the dramatic music. Would anyone like to suggest a score from a horror movie? Someone have a drink for me.


Wishing you a stress-free, healthy, and enjoyable weekend!


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I would love to be a fly on the wall for this wedding.  Huge horror fan, but too many scores to nail just one down. *diablo*

EFF OFF to the boiler which decided to stop working 8 days before Christmas.  yes it's 20 years old, but geez, give a break already.  Good thing it will be in the high 50's until Sunday.  Hopefully up and running Saturday



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You're going to be maid of honor.?  I cant believe Ho would let that happen!

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Aniki, is it wrong of me to laugh?  I'm full of sympathy but its also hilarious when I'm 3,000 to 4,000 miles away from the toxic waste of BioHo.

I'd advise drinking but that won't work with BioHo.  She'll have snaffled all the hard liqueur.


My eff off to Friday is to co-workers.  When I tell you I'm going to be on vacation, don't stick meetings that I have to attend in my diary for vacation days.  I haven't had proper time off since this year.  I fully intend to do pretty much nothing for 2 weeks.

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To working.    My GDS18 is flying in after graduating Army basic training and I don't want to be here working.  I'm getting nothing done because I'm so excited to grab him and hug him. 

I would take vacation but taking a lot of time the next two weeks and I have to get this pay system finalized for this pay period.  Our payroll system was one of the ones in the ransomware attack on UKG (Kronos).  Surprisingly the state of WV already had our pay compiled and ready to go in the banks for todays payday but I have to have all my staffs time cards, overtime, leave time in today to get the payroll started for Dec 30th.  At least it keeps my mind occupied.

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To toxic co workers who hate that I am the go to person with the Boss Man . Sorry bitches I want to prove myself at work. Be a somebody when so many doubted me.

You are the new maid of honor?!. That would be scrumptious. BM would fall off her pew in a drunken haze.

Cannot wait for post wedding blog. Cheers to here comes the bride, oh look Aniki is maid of honor, OH LOOK Bioho is deliriously drunk. Hope the cameras catch it all and then some  Wink

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BioHo is going to have a heart attack!

Eff off to the whole hiring process.  The candidate we made an offer to flunked the background check and HR rescinded the offer.  HR wouldn't say what it was but implied it wasn't vaccination status ( our company requires it).  Oh well we are back to square one.  But, one less new person to train until my last day on Jan 21st!

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I'm kind of to the point of just saying eff off to the damn effed up world right now.  A family member was exposed to Covid, thereby exposing pretty much all of us to Covid by extension.  We are all vaccinated, but still that doesn't seem to mean now we are waiting for that family member to test and then go from there.

Allegedly there is supposed to be school shootings today so BD who has finals is freaked out and doesn't want to go to school...I don't blame her especially in today’s climate.  So now it's a matter of keep her hope for her piece of mind, or have her go take her finals and she has piece of mind she won't fail her classes...I mean really this is the sh@t our kids have to deal with.

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School board sent emails to parents yesterday.  My grandson, who is already an anxious kid, is freaked out.  And I don't blame him.  This started in tik tok.  

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Yeah we got the notice from the school yesterday, my SIL who is a teacher got the notice and said she didn't know about it nor did any of her students.  BD hadn't heard about it until we told her about the notice and then she got really upset...I don't blame her one bit, if we got an all hands e-mail saying that there was a threat of a possible active shooter I would be upset and want to leave as well.

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My grandson's middle school has been posting on the facebook parents page all day that the students are safe and no incidents.  


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Ani, I sure hope the wedding photographer knows to keep Ho front and center, especially as you appear. You WILL report back for all your friends here who are cheering you on, right!

Eff off to the same thing I've been bitching about for weeks -- no travel plans. Between SS not deciding, and DH not remembering to rearrange an appointment, we still have no flight reservations for Skidville. I'll add an eff off to aging and short term memory loss. DH was recently tested, and he has almost no short term memory. Surprised no one. He makes lists and loses lists on the regular.

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To lazy employees who didn't enter their time and are now on leave through the New Year.  I have spent all morning dealing with it.  And one of them is my boss.  So much for supposedly being on vacation.

COVID.  Enough said. 
Sensless social media pranks that trend and cause stress and anxiety for schools, kids and parents.  I think this is one instance where we do need tighter 

eff off to climate change deniers and tornadoes.  If you are feeling generous today both the American Red Cross & the World Central Kitchen are on the ground providing direct support in Kentucky and other areas impacted in last week's storms.

Aniki--I can only imagine your wedding toast!


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Eff Off to the weather. 65 degrees yesterday, 44 and windy today, 30s tomorrow. We need to pick a season and stick with it. I have Raynaud's and it's really getting to me. 

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EFF off to BM and OSD. DH is again in his December depression; OSD is now 18 and DH was dreading her 18th birthday as he said he's just going to drop rope entirely. He was a mess last night. Yeah, our holidays this time of year really truly suck...we don't have the tree up and I've done nothing but get some gifts purchased, wrapped and stashed. I just cannot do it all myself this year. DH has requested specific cookies and I told him he MUST make them with me or they don't get made. We'll see if it happens. I decided to not make my fancy cake roll for Xmas but will make it for N.Y.'s instead.

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Its definitely better to simplify at this time of year rather than try to do what you typically do; I say buy some cookies and a cake, then put your feet up with a glass of vino and watch silly holiday movies!  Hang in there, the holidays are almost over.

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That's my plan. We're seeing friends for dinner tonight, then I, alone, am getting together with a couple girlfriends this weekend and staying the night at their place....I need an outlet and girl time. DH isn't looking forward to being alone with YSD I think, but Not.My.Problem. If the tree doesn't go up on Saturday, he and YSD can do it themselves.

My one thing is Xmas cookies - but I'll make that one batch WITH DH for him and then make one batch of my own and be done.

I don't even have to make the holiday dinner.

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Eff Off to the Big Box Retailers That have those blockers that keep people from taking their shopping carts too far away from the store. I went to BBR for a tree topper, and ended up doing some Christmas shopping, and had thought I was clever when I parked the car a but far back. Had to lug the darn huge boxes to my car and then go back for the small cheap stuff. 

The place was a zoo. Everyone was generally respectful and cheerful. I only got flipped off once.

Then I got home and popped open a bottle of wine, got under a blanket, and waved at Husband and SD15 as they went shopping for her secret santa presents for school. LOL Buh bye!

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To SS. I'd never say such a thing in person but it's how I feel. For racking up about $10,000 in expenses (medical/ legal....) the last 2 months for us to pay and then skipping out to bms and throwing us under the bus on his way out. Oh, and immediately shunning me the minute BM popped back in his life after years of me taking care of him, even changing jobs to help look after him. Now I don't even deserve a goodbye. 

 Yeah. Keep walking kid.

Looking forward to a quiet vacation with just me and hubby in a couple weeks though. First time in a few years we can run away together!