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OT - Eff Off Friday

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Friday at last!!! I don't kow about the rest of you, but this has been a week from He!! for me and I'm looking forward to a couple of days away from the office.

Eff Off to:

  • People who ask you the same bloody question multiple times, as if the answer has changed within the last 3 minutes.
    "We need 4"
    "We need 4"
    "We need 4" ~trying to maintain a pleasant expression~
    "We need 4" ~teeth are beginning to clench~
    "We need 4" ~cheeks feel like they're about to crack~
    "WE NEED 4" ~supreme effort to NOT speak through clenched teeth~
  • The meds I'm on giving me diarrhea within 3-4 hours of taking them
  • It's a skid weekend
  • The moneygrubbing SDs will be invading in 26 days
  • Coworkers who think they can volunteer me for NON-work things. I'm too busy, people!!!

I hope everyone has a safe weekend. Sometimes we have to look a little harder to find a bright spot, but it's there. I promise!!


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Hola Aniki!

Happy Friday Amiga!!!

  • Eff off to people who are walking up/down stairs while texting on their cell phones when you have some place to be.
  • Eff off to professionals who have all the degrees in the world but lack common sense.
  • Eff off to group projects & always having a slacker in the group.

Otherwise, wishing you a wonderful and funfilled weekend! Don't allow anyone to steal your joy darling.

Cuidate amiga,


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Hola, Siempre!

I can relate to every one of your Eff Offs.

My  joy will involve escaping for some ME time!

Cuidate, tambien, amiga!

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  • Eff off to crazy people
  • Eff off to it being the last weekend before the Skids go back to Psycho and their horrible behavior redefaults to demon mode
  • Eff off to the heartbreak of SD9 telling me about how awful Psycho's home is and being powerless to help fix anything

I'm not doing too bad though. I ordered myself a new bra, so I'm still on the high from that. LMAO. I've been needing one for a while!!!

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A YUGE eff off to Psycho! She needs to be abducted by aliens.

On a high from a new bra.... Sporty or sexy? Dirol

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Lol. Is a regualr bra sexy? If so sexy. I was just running short on those. I have like a million and a half sport ones. LOL

If anyone knows any aliens looking for a target...

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ProbablyAlready, enjoy your new bra and its a great feeling to have something for yourself that brings you such an awesome high Biggrin

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I just always start looking at stuff like that, and then sit there thinking "well it's money... And the house or the kids need x" And talk myself out of it. But today was payday... And I needed one... So I ordered it!!!

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Eff off to contentious office meetings

Eff off to people forgetting they are a colleague and thinking they are still a commanding officer. Just because you're the team lead doesn't mean you are my supervisor. Your role is to have a higher level view on what we're doing and coordinate our efforts.

Eff off to Autism and how it causes my DS22 to lose his cool when a manager or coworker tells him he's not allowed to do something. He's past his probationary period and everything was going so well. The last two shifts he's worked, he's had problems and I feel sick to my stomach because I don't know what else I can do to help him.

Eff off to jet lag and feeling exhausted when I'm pretty sure I slept well the past couple of nights.

Love you guys.

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FB, I report directly to my manager. It's a sticking point to some people that I do NOT have to answer to them. Tough gazongas!

Oy. I hope things work out for your DS, sweetie. xoxo

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Thanks darlin. No word on kiddo yet. I appreciate it. I feel like I've done all I can. Talked til I'm blue in the face. Changed his meds. Got him counseling. I really don't know what to think and I'm trying to not let it ruin my day.

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You're a good mom, hon. You can't do everything. If he fails, he fails. I'm certain you will be there to make sure he gets back on the proverbial horse.

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Eff off to having to be in the same vicinity as BM tonight.

Eff off to DH rambling this morning about how he hates Christmas and all the reasons why (and later realizing, as he's ranting, that he's ruining the holiday for me and calls himseld an ass an apologizes as he shuts up...maybe this is a wash?).

Eff off to STILL working from home.

Eff off to my ankle STILL hurting me and not being able to work out.

Eff off to policy writing. Ugh.

Eff off to the mountain of dishes in my sink.

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A great big EFF OFF to liars and thieves. I had $3000 worth of fraud on my bank account. All handled and I got my money back, but the loser fraudster also has $3000 worth of new stuff.

I reported the fraud to one of the merchants--thought they might be able to stop the order. Nope. Already assigned to fedex. Well it has a tracking number and you know where it is, right? No ma'am we don't do that. Se essentially Fedex delivered stolen property. 

But I do have the fraudster's address. At least the delivery address. Anybody know a guy who knows a guy?

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Omg, you NEED to have fun with this. Find the name, find the contact info. And mail a few things to this idiot.

One time, a friend who owns a real estate business had some scam artist from overseas post one of her properties for rent on Craigslist. He said you could send a money order for the deposit, then you would get the keys. She tracked down his phone number, and then posted it on FB for all of her friends to text to mess with him. This guy was getting messages left and right, just completely messing with him. I pretended I was interested and then asked him if the basement was sound proof, if it had a lock on it, how close the neighbors lived and if they were uptight, and would they call the cops if they heard a lot of screaming coming from the house. It was hours of entertainment, but we wasted so much of this guys time, and he thought about 20 people were sending him deposits. Good stuff.

I'm glad you got your money back, but it sucks he got stuff! I can't believe there isn't anything that can be done?

Eff off to scammers!

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Grrrrrrr.... that blows! I am so NOT a fan of FedEx. DH and I have had nothing but problems with them. I learned years ago to NOT use them, but I cannot make people use UPS or the post office.

I wish a knew a guy! Admittedly, having the fraudster's address would NOT be a good thing for me... But with porch theft being a thing, I wonder if the fraudster watched that house to determine that he/she/it could send something to that addy to steal it because no one would be home before 5pm (FedEx charges extra if we want delivery after 5pm, those &@#^$*#!!).

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Eff off to Crazy- she messaged my SO last night and said that her heat will be off next Thursday because it's being replaced, and asked if we could keep skids Thurs night. They're supposed to go by her that night. SO asked what I thought (as if we have a choice really) and I told him to say yes, but to have her keep them Monday night too...but she brought up that she kept skids for like 1 extra night when we went on vacay. Really?? She has them 8 DAYS a month, you would think she would be happy to have an extra day. So now we have them an extra night! *nea* I really live for my skid-free wknds, so this sucked.

Eff off to bosses- Mine has aggressively disagreed with things I have suggested in the past few days (best practices for my profession, and literally the way EVERY OTHER agency like ours does things...also, it's just common sense). Why am I even here if he doesn't want me to do the job they hired me for? He is the kind that thinks he knows everything and knows better than anyone, even experts in their field.

Eff off to fighting! I'm so sick of fighting with people.

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SG, that's frustrating. Do you think your boss is intimidated by you?

Ugh, fighting. There are some people who enjoy turning every bloody thing into a fight.

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I guess I couldn't imagine that he would be? But who knows what's in people's heads. He definitely is a know-it-all.