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OT - Eff Off Friday

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Happy Friday, STalkers! Anyone besides me ready for the weekend to commence? I have fresh mint, strawberries, and blueberries. I see mojitos in my future... *drinks*

Eff off to:

  • Wallyworld for no longer carrying those 4-packs of tasty chocolate cupcakes. DH and I had to grab a few things (they won't deliver everything, dangit) and decided to treat ourselves to those cupcakes. Sucks when a craving goes unfulfilled.
  • People who try to do my job and make a big effing mess for me to clean up. It was after my end of day and it was NOT urgent that this task be completed yesterday. It could have waited until this morning. But nooooooo... You had to eff around with things, eff them up, and leave me with three times the work to do to fix your eff up. Next time, keep your fat fingers off of the effing keyboard and let me do my effing job!
  • Whiners whining about that dusting of snow we just got. DUH!!! It's only mid-April. You KNOW we get snow into May. Sheesh. 
  • Foods that go bad before the expiration date. That milk is only a week old and is already THICK. *bad*  I had to dump my bowl of cereal and comfort myself with mini cinnamon rolls. 
  • The fact that caffeine has zero effect when I'm dragging arse. I had wicked insomnia last night, am functioning on less than 3 hours of sleep, and am yawning so hard, I keep cracking my jaw. 
  • DPW's ex jerkwad. I repeat: he needs a flurry of Flying Five Fist Monkey Nut Punches. Effing effed up effheaded effer. Males of this ilk give men a bad name. *diablo*


ETA: Bloody HELL! Eff off to that effer, King Pita. Next week, I am covering for someone who will be out of the office and mentioned that in the "scrum" meeting. Effing KP says, "Aniki, do you have the same access Mr. Vacation has? You need to go to ID10T to get it.". No, KP, you major effing asshat, I do not have the same access as someone whose job I've been covering for FIVE YEARS. I've been FAKING doing his work the entire time and no one has ever noticed. Between clenched teeth, I managed to get out, "I know" and left it at that. I loathe that asshat. 


Wishing you a stress-free and peaceful weekend! 


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Yesteday I enjoyed a few lemon drops outside in the sunshine and it was wonderful!

I HATE when people try to do your job to Help out, it really isn't helping me when I have to go back and re-do or clean up the mess made. Which is why I suck at sometimes asking for help when swamped because I am total type A and if it isn't done right then I have to do it all over again anyway.

For me, F off to car problems. Today DH took his truck in for an oil change and to check there is nothing we need to fix, replace, etc. since we are driving the truck cross country in 3 weeks now. Of course just like my car last Friday, it needs more than an oil change. Need to replace the 2 front tires and get an alignment. Cheers to saving for the last year because after new brake pads, rotors, oil change for my car, then a new laptop for me, and now DH's truck issues, we would be super STRESSED, but we aren't just wish we didn't have to spend money on those things, but it is what it is. At least we will be safe and I can do my job with no issues.

I am hoping for a stress free weekend too! We are going to a wine and beer festival locally that is part of a fundraiser to save this lake/park with our friend SM and her DH. My DH is convinced they are swingers and have been trying to make moves on us especially after the last few visits. I think 50/50 on the situation, but hence why we are going out somewhere instead of being at someone's home. We could care LESS if they are swingers, but if they are would feel more comfortable knowing and being like, thanks, but no thanks. So who knows on that!

**EDIT: also F off to neck pain, I think I pulled something in my neck while driving Wednesday while trying to make sure a car wasn't coming and it has been 3 days of neck pain. I can move my head more today without pain, but definitely not even close to full range of motion

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NYASM, it's damn annoying. Especially since this was NOT urgent. Small consolation: the eff up shows that the other person effed it up and that *I* fixed the issue. 

Jeez, woman, those cars of yours! Fingers crossed this is the last problem!

That festival sounds like fun! Years ago, psycho exh and I were invited to a party at one of his coworker's (and wife) homes. Turns out we were the only ones invited and it was to swing. Oh, HELL NO! Lord knows what psycho exh ever said to give that guy the impression we were remotely interested in that, but psycho's mouth was hanging open and his eyes were bugging out, so he obviously has no clue. We got out of there ASAP! LOL

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We have cars that are 2017 so they aren't old! However, between city driving around the dc area for years then all then all the trips we have done to see my parents 3 hours north, his dad 12 hours away, other family that is 2 hours away, my job moved to being an hour from where we live, not counting vacations 6-8 hours away, plus the ranges DH goes to that is horrible roads for work, our tires, alignment, rotors, etc. get so much wear and tear. It will be so nice I will be working completely from home for at least for a few months and his job is 10 minutes away and we won't be doing those couple hours drives as often and I'm sure our car/truck will apprecaite the break!

It should be a great time! Ut oh! Yeah, talk about AWKWARD! DH wants to say something about swingers just to see what their reaction is. DH has been CONVINCED for almost 2 years now that they are. Our one friend plus my aunt and uncle also agree, I am still 50/50 about thinking that

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I'd want to know if they are simply to avoid double entendres and awkward situations as much as possible! 

Neck pain does suck! Hope you get relief soon.

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Eff off to lockdowns, self-isolation and death. Today, I attended my mum's funeral via live streaming. We lived at opposite ends of the continent and with lockdowns etc. I couldn't be there in person. It was a lovely service and there were even some laughs. It's the strangest feeling to have someone (my brother) give a eulogy and to talk to you (yes, me) as if you were there in person. I felt oddly present.

Once the pandemic is over, we're planning a trip there to scatter her and dad's ashes. At least that gives us the time to discuss locations. 

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I'm sorry for your loss, Winter. Damn this cruel, cruel virus for many reasons, but especially for keeping us apart from loved ones during illness and passing.

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While that is just horrible you could not attend in person that is really great of your brother to make it feel as if you were actually there. Both of my great grandmothers have passed away in the last year, only one from the pandemic, but we are also waiting for things to get better for the family to get together and scatter both of their ashes where there wishes had asked to.

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Thank you for your kind words.

I'm sorry to hear that.  I hope this clears soon and that you can all get together again.

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Winterglow, my deepest sympathy for your loss. {{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}

I'm sure the time will allow you to find the ideal place. *give_rose*

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Take time for yourself.

When you do all get together, make sure to try and make it a celebration of their lives.

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Thank you. I have every intention of doing just that. It will probably be the last time I go back there, so it will be memorable.

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Its hard losing someone, but with all these covid restrictions its that much harder.

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Eff off to some of my co workers who are really getting under my skin. One woman I work with is so rude (whether it's intentionally or not sure but, she's 60 and has no manners) Ex: I was on a computer and another younger girl was on another computer next to me talking on the phone to her manager asking her question... woman with no manners comes up barging, "can I use the phone I have a phone call." WAIT TILL SHE GETS OFF! 

Another peer of mine can't ask direct questions to me just says things indirectly. I flat said you can ask me since other said co worker I was talking to has nothing to do with that. I know I can be "intimidating" (as I've been told) but, damn just ask me a simple question.

This all happened within an hour so I'm just annoyed haha. 

Im off this weekend because SO is on vacation. I need a break haha. I'm not a mojito fan otherwise I'd say that sounds delicious. I'm thinking margaritas instead! 

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Wow, Ms. NoManners has a lot of nerve! I worked with a woman who would stand in your cubicle rightnextoyou while you were on a phone call because she needed something. And it was always something that could wait. Bloody rude. 

How on earth can someone effecticively do their job if they cannot communicate? Maybe they should send emails. 

Strawberry margarita sounds tasty!

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She does that too! Hovers instead of going to do her actual job.

Email wouldn't work in this situation. It is something that just has to be asked haha. 

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Evil Aniki would peer at him - blank expression and blinking - until he asked in the form of a question. *diablo*

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Ha ha eff off to the fact that I've managed to raise the worst cats on the planet.

Was at Aldi the other day and found a box of suet cakes for the birds.  It's been chilly enough here to use one and I thought I'd put the rest away for winter.

Well stupid me, I forgot I lived with ferals and the little one broke into the box and got one out and proceeded to smear beef tallow all over my kitchen.  Not only was it hard to clean up, it smells lol.  Mind you, they are very well-fed with high quality canned food.

One of the few things I miss about social media is being able to amuse my friends with the antics of these hell beasts.  I never lack for material!

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We can ONLY be friends if you laugh at this.  It's hilarious and completely my own fault.  My DD said "Mom, what did you expect from those monsters" lol.

They are really nice cats.  They don't bite, or scratch, or have litterbox issues (other than senior kitty at times) and they are sweet little cuddlers.  They just act like they have never once been fed in their whole lives, when the vet assures me they are just fine.

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My roommate in the past had a cat that looooved veggies. Would jump up on the counter in the middle of salad prep. We'd catch him dragging bags of mushrooms out of the kitchen sneakily while we were unpacking groceries. At some point we found all kinds of bagged veggies under a couch (hey, we were young, didn't clean much).  Lol.  


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My sister had a cat who loved fruit. Strawberries, peaches, watermelon, mango... you name it, her kitty had his butt in her face trying to shove her out of the way so he could get that fruit!

My beautiful princess was a complete beeyotch when it came to the house salad from a years-gone restaurant. I turned my back to grab a fork, and turned around to see her front paws planted in the middle of my salad while she scarfed it down. You should have seen her when I had scallops! <3

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My cats are the best as well.  My girl-kitty used to steal bread/baked goods from the counter and we'd find them scattered in crumbs all over the living room  -  she outgrew that luckily as she decided that she wasn't going to starve at our home.

Boy-kitty likes greens, lettuce, kale, broccoli leaves are the fave.  However he hasn't been begging for them recently since we swtiched up his food so maybe he was vitamin deficient?

Love the furbabies.  They are the only ones super happy I'm lying down all day.

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Addictions of any kind.

In a few weeks its the anniv of my twins passing. Her love affair with drugs ended her life. Eff off to the man who started my sister on this path. She was 15 he was 28! He is still alive and kicking from what I last heard. Hope I am wrong and he isnt , may god forgive me on these thoughts. I wont even write here what goes through my mind on what I would like to do to him. It involves a closed room and a baseball bat. I could never act on it, but DANG I think about this often.



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That is such a tragedy and you sound like you are still in so much pain.  (((hugs)))

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I am so sorry.  My grief for my brother has been of a different kind, as he is still living, but I can empathize with how you feel and how angry and sad you must be.   I hope the worst for that man as well, what a POS predator. 


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I swear that if I could be assured of not getting caught, there is someone I'd take a baseball bat to as well. Your feeling is totally normal and do not for one minute feel any guilt over it.

I'm so sorry for your loss.

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TY for the thought, appreciated.

Gimlet I get what you are saying, even without them passing, if addicted you have already lost them.

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Nope, no list. Just the one. And it would be bloody and painful and SLOW.

I have a list for other people that don't end in agony like that. So far, the Karma Bus has been helping me out with those.

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I can't wait until they pull the plug on my job.  But until they do I have certain deliverables and its looking like Saturday will be sacrificed to work, again.  Sunday will not because I am going out for socially distanced outdoor dining brunch with DH.

On the bright side, I went into the office for the first time in over a year.  Ostensibly to get a pair of sunglasses but really to clear my stuff out (in anticipation of the aforementioned plug pulling).  I found a bottle of sauvignon blanc hidden behind some lever arch files.  It was a present from an old boss that I put in my locker and uncharacteristically forgot about.  I had a glass last night and it was delicious.  I will definitely have another taste tonight.

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Something from New Zealand but I guess I haven't been topping up often enough recently and it just tasted amazing

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Ohhhh Winterglow, I am so sorry to read about your Mom.  I had to watch my brother's funeral on zoom too.

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To back to work full time with broken wrist (still swollen) and playing nurse maid to Chef (shoulder surgery)

To quote Bart Simpson "I need more Flintstone Chewable Morphine!"

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Thrice, I hope your wrist improves soon!

I'd like to donate my Flinstone Chewable Morphine to King Pita. Four times a day for the next year. 

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EFF off to hip pain.

It's getting better but I'm still laying primarily on my left side day/night; making sure to move around about once an hour.  Still haven't been able to stand long enough to shower. But I've been able to get my own water, my own lunch (takes about 3x as long as normal) and actually brush my teeth longer than 30 seconds (was too painful before).  I also could stand up this morning right after waking up wiith no pain meds yet and no help from DH.  A HUGE improvement.  LEARNED:  Every movement is attached to the hips.

I'll still be on restricted movement orders for another week.

The weather is gorgeous and here i am, not outside.  I don't think I want to risk going down the stairs to the outdoor lounge area quite yet.

I will have a glass of wine tonight however.  Just one with dinner (cognizant of pain meds).

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I am glad you're seeing improvements, Cover!

I am also happy to hear that your DH has been so supportive of you through this.  That's the stuff that helps to refill the reserves for the times they drive you crazy.

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Glad to hear things are improving, Cover! 

Can you sit by an open window and get some fresh air; listen to the birds?

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Thanks for the shoutout Aniki! lol Love the support!

I'm not even going to answer Eff Off Friday as I think everyone knows what I'm going to say lol