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OT - Eff Off Friday

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We made it, STalkers! The weekend begins in a few short hours. Woo hoo!!! Let's get right down to it.

Eff off to:

  • Areshole drivers with a jerk attitude. It's 2 lanes. You're slow out of the gate. I'm at LEAST 5-6 care lengths ahead of your pokey arse when I signal and pull over into your lane. There is no way in Satan's skidmark that I cut you off. Yet you apparently feel slighted that a mere woman got the jump on you and proceed to stomp on the gas so you can ride my arse. Sucks to be you since I braked slightly going around that curve, you couldn't maintain, lost control, and ended up off the road. Smell ya later, jackass!!!
  • The cafeteria. The manager switched the little packages of strawberry PRESERVES for strawberry JELLY. Ew.
  • Giving someone a gift, then expecting them to share it. What the hell is THAT?! Yep, again with the cupcakes. If you give ME an edible gift, it is also up to ME if I want to share that gift. Or NOT. After all, it's MY GIFT. What if it's a box of 4 cupcakes? And we're not talking mondo-sized cupcakes. We're talking small ones. What if I want to eat a cupcake a day for 4 days? After all, you gave them to ME. Oh, you gave me a dozen cupckaes? Here's a newsflash: CUPCAKES CAN BE FROZEN. That's right. Properly wrapped, frozen cupcakes will last about 3 months.
    Even as a kid, my parents never expected us to share our gifts. I can see it now...
    Aniki got $50 for her birthday. I want some!!!
    Oh, sure Aniki's Brother. Here's $20!

    Yeah, how aobut NO.
    My bottom line: if you're giving someone a gift, it is THEIR gift. Period. If you want to give the FAMILY a gift, you present that gift TO THE FAMILY. You don't give someone a gift, then take away part of it.
    "You don't need TWO gloves. You can put one hand in your pocket. So fork over that other glove."

That's all I've got today. May your weekend be long and your troubles, if any, be short-lived. xoxo


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EFF off to people who use a bad situation to get free stuff. I helped a homeless "family" with blankets and food because it was bitterly cold for FL. Used my last  $20 till payday to buy them some staple foods (bread, PB, jelly, stuff in poptop cans, fruit and Coca Cola that she requested.) Yesterday she hit me up for cash because they have an electric bill and they needed more food. Ran her through the jail databasef and found out she's an addict with a VOP charge for petit theft, assault and aggravated child abuse.

She messaged me 3 times last night for Coca Cola and Gatorade, ham, and cheese because "peanut butter is what ghetto people eat." 

Ummm...because I am out of money, I have a lovely pb and j in my lunchbag today.

AND...the blankets I gave were brand new with tags and now for sale on FB marketplace.

DH was kind enough not to give me the I told you so.

From here on out, if I feel the need to help someone, it will be an animal rescue.

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PB is what ghetto people eat?? Guess I'm ghetto because I have a PBJ for my lunch today. And it's what I had for dinner Monday. And a homeless family with an electric bill??? I'm baffled.

You did a wonderful thing. Unfortunately, it was for a bad person. If you once again feel generous towards us crappy humans, you might want to check with Salvation Army and their Adopt-A-Family program or with some local parishes.

I'm sorry this happened to you.  Give rose

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I'm more ghetto - I'm allergic to peanut butter so I eat government cheese and jelly sandwiches. 



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Classy, is it just peanuts? What about almond or cashew butter? I could go for a jelly sammich...

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Just peanuts but I do occasionally get the No Peanut Peanut Butter made from Soy beans.  I just grew up on the cheese and jelly when my siblings got the real thing.  I didnt like the almond butter.  Havent tried cashew.  


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Cheese and jelly together? What kind of cheese? I like goat cheeses with jelly. Or honey. Smile

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It's actually really good! I put jelly on my grilled cheese sandwiches. Always. We grew up doing it and I love it. Delicious.

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Just sliced cheap sliced american cheese.  We call it "government cheese" because when we were little it was what my mom could afford raising us alone.   

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I'm ghetto as f@ck because I love me some PB&J  Biggrin

It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time, Peanut Butter Jelly Time  Dance 4

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Eff off to:

  • Paranoia and Anxiety
  • SD5 making me late for work...
  • Drivers that drive like 10 below the speed limit when you're trying to get to work and are already running behind...
  • My furbaby that thought exploring the woods would be fun and slipped out of his collar, I crossed a creek (getting soaked) to find him, and he sprinted out and ran straight up to the door
  • My car still not being fixed. For over a week it's been "you'll have it tomorrow!" and obviously it has yet to be true.
  • Our heat still being broken because the part still hasn't come in.
  • DH signing my valentine's present "To: mom, from: dad" Like I got a nicer present... But idk.... A holiday for lovers... I'd prefer it even said wifey, love, etc... Something about it rubbed me wrong.
  • My boss putting off approving stuff for so long, that we now just have a FEW weeks to magically complete EVERYTHING for a conference
  • Also I just wore lipstick for the first time in months... Forgot... And I got an itch... I now have a lipstick smear...
  • Other s***.

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Eff off to the lying skids and their lying mother for teaching them that the only way to get what you want is to lie lie lie and manipulate. It's really hard to live with 5 people you dont trust, 4 skids and a DH. I really dont trust him anymore either. He lies to protect the skids and thinks Im stupid. I dont feel comfortable or safe in my own home. Im always wondering what they are going to pull next. My only salvation is I work afternoons so I have the school day to myself at home and I leave for work before they get home from school.

What is really sad is that I used to be such an honest person. I struggled to be fake and now Im becoming fake and I lie to protect myself and my assets because I have no confidence this relationship will work long term and no skid is getting any of my premarraige assets and I will need that nest egg to get on my feet post divorce.

Not even my 1st anniversary and Im talking divorce. I feel like I was duped. I had no idea how bad it was until I moved in. I had no idea how nasty kids could be. Mine were so sweet and I had a 4 year relationship starting when my kids were 9&7 and we had no issues. He adored the kids everyone got along including my ex and his long term girlfriend. We would all 4 sit at baseball games or school activities. The kids stayed at his house when I had to work. He made it a special guys night with pizza and movies. Or they would stay with their step mom and have a craft night. My kids were actually enjoyable. No one enjoys these kids, not even their mother.

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Eff off to anti SM sentiment on this message board ffs!

BIOLOGICAL parents don’t want their adult spawn living at home! It’s OKAY for a stepparent to put his or her foot down and say no more! It’s NORMAL to feel resentment! It doesn’t MATTER that the skid works. Two unrelated females in the same house that aren’t peers is a nightmare. UGH.

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Agreed. STalk is "WHERE STEPPARENTS COME TO VENT". IMO, if you are not currently, nor have ever been a stepparent, it is impossible to have complete understanding and empathy for the situation.

Also, this is a place to VENT. We all have 'things' that trigger us, stress us, rub us the wrong way. Just because it doesn't bother ME doesn't me it doesn't bother YOU. Let me vent, offer sympathy or a solution or hiss off.

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Advice, plenty of snow in MI. One town got 46.5" in 6 days. I'm sure people would be happy to ship you a TON of snow!

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We don't have snow either... It bites... we even had a snow warnign with a "100% chance!" Not even a snowflake...

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Hola Amiga & HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

  • Eff off to being stuck in traffic and the idiots honking when there was no where to GOOOOO...
  • Eff off to the escalators not working and had to walk the longest flight up (got a good workout out of it though)
  • Eff off to these ridiculous doctors that have all the degrees & PhD's in the world but have no COMMON SENSE....Why?!?!

I agree Aniki, gifts are not to be shared UNLESS you choose to. Enjoy your cupcakes darlin'! Hope you have a wonderful weekend  Pleasantry

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Hola, Siempre!

Um, well, stairs help keep your booty from sagging...

I didn't get any cupcakes, but I got so much chocolate, I could coat my entire body with melted chocolate and still have some left! LOL

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Eff off to more and more snow. I'm over it. I'm introducing a STalk exchange/wife swap program. Whoever wants snow and lives in the south can trade with me!

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Definitely interested. I can leave as early as now. You'll have to take care of dropping the kiddos with Psycho though.

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I missed Eff Off Friday.

And here itis Screwed Up Sunday.


Hope your weekend was great.