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OT - Eff Off Friday

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Let's jump right into it:

  • Eff off to drivers who just HAVE to squeeze into the 3 foot space in front of me....when there is NO ONE BEHIND ME.
  • Eff off to people whining about the cooler temps and the inevitable upcoming snows of Winter. Don't like it? MOVE.
  • Eff off to a certain coworker who seems to think I sit around day after day just waiting for him to give me something to do.
  • Triple Eff Off to sanctimonious shi'theads who piously spout platitudes about which they know NOTHING.


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Hey, I live in 'Murica! I have my freedoms, and I don't need no gosh darned snow movin' in and actin' like it owns the place. If it wants to be in 'Murica, it better adopt the 'Murica weather culture of 72 and sunny. If it don't like it, then it can move back to where it came from.

This is why we need a border wall with Canada. Too much snow just drifting in, acting like it owns the place, and expecting all of us to change our ways to 'comodate it. It ain't right.

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Woman, it is 34 degrees here and SNOWING. It will change to rain at some point, but I'm loving it!!!

Put a border wall around Shitcago. I can think of a few people who need to be inside that sh!thole...

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Eff off to:

10-12 hour workdays

lack of  sleep

skids failing school

co-workers making the job waaay more complicated than it should be

never ending hot weather

the young lady who (like many 20 somethings) didn’t understand her responsibilities in merging into highway traffic, causing a semi to flip over a bridge and killing a dad and his two sons in a car below. Merging is the SOLE responsibility of the one doing the merging. Sure it's nice if people are ABLE to let you in, but legally, any accidents from merging are 100% the fault of the one merging into traffic.


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Eff off to schedule changes

Eff off to DH being so calm about the girls being neglected

Eff off to DHR taking for fricking ever to ever do anything

Eff off to the court system honestly not doing anything for the girls


I'm having a bad day.

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Sad I hope your day gets better PA

Men are really good at compartmentalizing, so sometime when I think my DH doesn't care about something, he actually DOES care, but realizes he can do nothing about it in THIS moment, so he pushes it out of his brain and thinks only about what's in front of him or whatever.

I wish we women could do that.

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I wish we could do... I'm just sitting here with Doomsday plans and trying to come up with something. I'm prepping for a battle, then the rest of the war, and he's all jsut "go with the flow." While I'm trying to figure out how to fluidly drop a few people in the most efficient manner to keep and get the girls safe.

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because I was THIS close to going off on DH about soomething he ultimately had no control over because I thought he just didn’t care. You might have saved him. I’m sure if he knew, he’d thank you! 

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Does going off on your DH work? Men do not all react in the same way. I know that if I 'go off' on mine, he will shut down. I had to learn how to talk in a way he will listen. Not easy, but so much better for both of us!

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Not always! But once I’ve gotten to that point it’s usually I feel I’ve been blown off by him 



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> EFF of to all the same driving issues already mentioned

> EFF of to people who come to this site just to get other people upset, have no problem offending others because Hey it's an anonymous site, so who cares what you say to another

> EFF off to all the crap that goes into buying a home, holy crap I forgot what a nightmare this was  lol

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Those effers who come here with their holier-than-thou attitude to upset people need to go sit on something sharp. Like a railroad spike...when the train is coming... *diablo*

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EFF off to bad weather for the whole weekend on the romantic getaway I had planned with my SO

EFF off to feeling under the weather and hoping I won't be sick during said weekend

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I'm having a great Friday, nothing but gratitude because I am a new Empty-Nester and liking it a LOT!

Okay, Eff Off to my stupid allergies! (Hack hack, cough, blows nose again...)

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I realize mine is minor - but it still irritates me.  DH has gone to New Orleans for 3-4 days with his brother (I don't mind that at all), but he put all of the groceries we just bought in the refrigerator in the garage.  And then left tons of boxes and suitcases in front so I cannot get into that refrigerator.  What was he thinking?  I'm physically impaired right now and can't move that stuff.  He overbought so I have 2 1/2 dozen eggs in the refrigerator, but I cannot access a single egg.

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Good grief!!! 

And I'm now thinking about souffles and quiches...

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And frittatas, deviled eggs,  egg salad, potato salad, tuna salad - not to mention breakfast tacos and just plain eggs scrambled or fried . 

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When I have extra cooked potatoes, I slice them, heat them in a skillet with a little oil, then add beaten eggs, scramble up, and top with grated sharp cheddar.