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Rant - Stuck with SS because of COVID-19

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Haven't post for a while. The past 3 weeks has been hard. Because the school has closed all the way till Summer possibly, we are stuck at home with the kids. I'll admit even just with my own it's hard, and it doesn't really matter how sweet DD9 is. But stuck home with SS12 (ASD+ADHD) is even harder. It's almost impossible for both DH and I to work from home because the challenges the kids presents.


Hate my SS

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I tried really hard not to say it out loud. I really tried. But the truth is really that I hate the fact I have to live with my autistic SS over 300 days a year, because his own $hit mom won’t freaking do her 30% of parent duty.

Every night with homework is a freaking fight. Four years now and nothing has changed. For some reason he still thinks he’s the smartest and tries to “teach me” every time we correct him. DH does most of the hw checking but it’s never really stress free. 


Our best source of info on the kids: school meetings

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Just got back from a school meeting with BM for SS6's school accomodations. I was representing DH because he's traveling and unable to make it.

I'm so glad we had the meeting because something very frustrating happened, as it often does: we learned more about the kids that their mother doesn't bother sharing with us.


In love with her, NOT him

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I'm 39 years old and very much in love. My girlfriend is three years younger than me, the coolest woman on the planet, and I adore her in a way I haven't adored a woman since I was in high school and not so cynical. She brings out the best in me, encourages me to try new things, gets me out of my shell. I love, love, love this woman.