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Our best source of info on the kids: school meetings

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Just got back from a school meeting with BM for SS6's school accomodations. I was representing DH because he's traveling and unable to make it.

I'm so glad we had the meeting because something very frustrating happened, as it often does: we learned more about the kids that their mother doesn't bother sharing with us.


ToxicTroll Rant

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Just a rant*** for ease-of-use-and-reading I am listing a few here:

  1. School Doesnt matter
  2. Grades
  3. Bunny#2

1. School doesnt matter

ToxicTroll has never graduated from high school. She left after 11th grade. She has been keeping Munchkin SD12 out of school here and there, for reasons such as "she has a headache" and "the grandparents are visiting (thats todays)".


Double trouble

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So now we find out that not only is OSS13 failing most of his classes in school, but YSS9 is also not doing well in school.

One of OSS13's teachers resembles me (except for her hair color), and she is the one he misbehaves the worst around. This is absolutely a direct result of PAS and all of the vile things his mother has made up about me over the years.

It is frustrating that both skids are bombing in school, but I know I'm in good company at STalk.

Here is my major concern (I worry about things that haven't happened yet, I know):