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Sorry ladies...

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I'm sorry I've only been in and out lately. I've been having a really rough time at home - I think it's time for grandpa to cross the rainbow bridge but I just can't seem to deal with losing my baby...

Sorry for my absence, forgive me trying to hold onto him for a few more days.

happy birthday to me!

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today is my birthday. seems to be a lucky day for me (a few years back, it was my b-day when they posted dumb@$$' mugshot as a "most wanted" }:) ) what makes today lucky is :

my in-laws are closing on their house, handing over the keys, and hittin' the road!!!!!!!!!

on a sad note, dh is having a rough time knowing he'll never set foot in that house again. he moved 11 times in 8 years, before they bought that house almost 35 years ago. he's got so many memories made there. his quiet spot in the woods. the pet cemetery. our wedding ceremony on that front porch.

u @$hole u think ur _______ is so grate

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so i'm driving to work this morning in the pouring rain when this giant white SUV pulls out in front of me, almost causing a collision.

and what words came flying out of my mouth? "u @$hole u think ur big SUV is so grate!!!" it surprised me so much that i laughed all the way to work.

has anyone else here actually used that phrase IRL?

D@MN he's good

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two things to remember before i begin my account of events - kaos broke his phone (and NO dh is NOT going to buy him a new one!). he is on the bus by 630a. lurch gets up for school just as i'm about to leave the house, around 730a. i usually get up at 715 or 720 and am out the door in 10 or 15 minutes.

HOLY $#!TSKY!!!!

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ok so i check the clock and see it's almost 2p. lunch crowds are done, let me go deposit my check in the bank. i've got 2k worth of bills sitting in front of me, so i decide to look at current balance online so i can decide what bills we can pay or not.



i am breathing a HUGE sigh of relief right now.

simultaneous disengagement and engagement

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yes folks, it IS possible! things between kaos and i have been........ LOVELY.

shocking, right?

i've been working really really hard lately on my disengagement. dh has always welcomed my input and seeing things that he doesn't see. but even tho' it's welcomed, i've come to believe that it's not necessary. i'm trying to stick to things that are actually necessary. so it's gotten to where dh has rarely heard my commentary on his kid's actions.