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O/T - maybe this will make some of you smile

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for all those who are having a crappy day, week, month, or year, maybe this will make you smile -

ps - my apologies to those unable to view youtube video. <3


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ROFLMAO. My Monchichi cat used to do the door thing. She point blank refused to go through a window. The amount of times I held a door until she decided what she wanted to do, in the 14 years I was blessed with her, would make most people's heads spin.

Two of my current girls sing the song of their people when the bedroom doors are closed at night or decide 3am is the time to chase their own tails and yowl in pain when they catch them. Love my babies xx

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My parents had a cat that loved the game. One day my dad was sitting by the sliding door to the deck talking to a friend who had come to visit. The cat went in and out that door a million times and finally my dad remarked that the cat was showing off how well he had my dad

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I'm on two hours of sleep right now from a crazy 1 year old last night who is currently tired and super cranky ... so am I. Needless to say that gave a couple laughs - thank you!