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O/T - furbaby help/advice

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as ya'll know, i have 3 squirrels. my youngest is disabled. he's had physical therapy and steroid treatment, but he's about as good as he'll ever get. due to this, his growth has been hampered and he's very small for his age. his back left leg is about 95% useless and it drags. for this reason, his knee and his knuckles are completely bald. but it's the knee concerns me most. as he moves around, the naked skin has gotten raw and has recently started bleeding.

i need miniature kneepads for the kid!!! ok so here's the question - have you seen or heard of anything i might use to protect it? a bandaid obviously wont stick and is also just flat-out way too big. an itty bitty wrap will come unwound as he moves. maybe i can make him teensy squirrel chaps? lol!!! idk, i just have absolutely no idea whatsoever what to use to protect his tender widdle kneecap skin.


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hm, i hadn't thought of doll clothing! i could cut the middle part out so he can still relieve himself, and for his tail.

there's no reason to amputate, he's got all the feeling there but is just lacking the movement. the vet gave him physical therapy exercises, which greatly improved his movement. he can get it propped up under him sometimes, but his hip/leg is usually listing sideways. and when he climbs the bars of his "habitat" he can use that foot to grip, but he cant push off of it to jump or anything, so as he monkey-bars his way up the knee scrapes each bar.

i wonder if there was ever like a rollerblading barbie or skateboarding barbie... those kneepads would be perfect!

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sure Smile

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vetwrap tape. It sticks to itself. and you can rip it/cut it to make it smaller to fit little squirrel legs. I'm telling you it's the bomb. I have like 20 rolls on hand in my barn for any horse mishaps, but have used it on the dog and even BS7 when he burned his hand a couple years ago. He thought it was great because I have different colored rolls, so every day when we changed his bandage we would change the vetwrap color. Blum 3

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I looked up Barbie knee pads and sure enough they exist.... type it in on ebay. They have cloth and plastic ones.