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O/T Cable Bill?

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My Verizon cable/internet bill (with HBO) is $180/month??? Thats a car payment! Any help/advice out there?? Oh, our town ONLY offers Verizon, yep Sad

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My bill is $115 - but that includes cable with a movie channel package and DVR AND high speed internet.

But once I am on my own, I am not getting cable. I will do like Proud_Arrow and go internet only!! Netflix & Hulu rock!

I would suggest you call and cancel. They will transfer you to another division whose job it is to keep customers. Likely, they will offer you a cheaper rate for x months. After that is up, do it again. It works better if you have other companies to compare prices with (even if they aren't in your area).

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I got SOOOOO pissed at DH.

He's the TV nut. He bought a 54" plasma flatscreen TV in '07, and has to have the HD channels, and the premium channels, and even the "all the games nobody cares about" sports packages. Drives me up a wall.

The house got broken into in February. Buh-bye, plasma TV! I caved and we replaced it with a 54" LCD flatscreen. We also activated the alarm system, but that needs a "landline", can be cable phone.

DH moved to TX in August. I tried to lower the $150/month bill. Whoops. While setting up the cable phone, the *^*%&^$$ "customer service" rep cheerily announced, "We're going to lock you in so your rate can't go up for the next two years!!" Can anybody else see what that really means? DH couldn't. That means I'm stuck with the HD box and a $150/month 2-YR CONTRACT! With a early termination penalty! When I have to move and, oh yeah, BREAK THE CONTRACT next summer! Gah!

DH needs to pay attention to what people are REALLY telling him, and not just agree to everything that presented. That was his problem with BM too. It may be a turd with frosting on it, but it's still a damn turd!

Geez, that got me riled.