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D@MN he's good

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two things to remember before i begin my account of events - kaos broke his phone (and NO dh is NOT going to buy him a new one!). he is on the bus by 630a. lurch gets up for school just as i'm about to leave the house, around 730a. i usually get up at 715 or 720 and am out the door in 10 or 15 minutes.

ok so last night dh and i were tinkering around in the garage. we hardly ever speak of dumb@$$ anymore, but we got to talking about her and reminiscing - this all due to me recounting to him a lot of the posts here lately about bm's and how they use child support for themselves and mooch off of others and the government. i also mention that i read in our local paper they are having an event for the homeless, he should text her the info LOL }:) }:) }:)

after he quit laughing, he said "even if i wanted to, she doesn't have a phone anyway. if she can't reach the kids directly, she'll call me from an assortment of random numbers from one-town-over."

so this morning, i'm trying to get my @$$ out of bed but somehow manage to keep hitting the snooze button Wink dh's phone rings at 715, he pulls it up to see the number, groans, and rolls back over. i asked "is that the kaos' school?" he replies "no, random number from one-town-over, probably dumb@$$." "wtf is she doing calling at 715a?" "who the h3ll knows, 7a is the same as 7p to her, plus kaos' broke his phone and lurch probably refused the call."

so i get up and go into our bathroom, then come out a minute later and kiss dh on the cheek. he said "what's that for?" so i told him "D@MN you're good. i just heard lurch turn the water on to jump in the shower, fifteen minutes before he usually does." dh says "stupid b!tch woke him up too, then. i hate it when i'm right!"



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so what does the cow want...... I would force Sir Breaks-allot to answer the phone and give her the homeless party address.... }:) }:)

How's Sir doing by the way

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lol sir is generally not the type to answer numbers he does not recognize, so we'll never know what it was she wanted. she's probably been cranked for three or four days straight w/o sleep and is coming down and wanted to hear from the children she never sees. lurch flat-out rejects her phone calls, i've seen him do it, usually after saying "what the freak does SHE want?" (back when she had a number he recognized).

sir is still in a holding pattern of $#!tty-ness, no change in any health issues for the better. he fluctuates between really really bad days, and pretty bad days. i'll tell him you asked about him Smile Dirol

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Ah tell Sir he's allergic to USA and he should start packing..... Mars is the place, we will sort him out in no time Wink

Remember sick people can't travel alone.....thus you will have to join him... bring the boys as well... we will sort them out in no time

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'chichi, it's a work in progress. the loan package was submitted to the underwriters this past thursday. they have not scheduled an appraisal yet and i'm afraid to see what it appraises at. that in itself will determine how much $ we can get out of it.