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My OBGYN.... The one thing that is mine and you go and ruin that

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When I met my husband he was divorced with two kids. After we got married an decided to have a child we came to an agreement to go to a different hospital and use a different GYNO than the one he and his ex used. Even though he tried to persuade me to use their old one I put my foot down and told him I wanted this to be our experience and I don't want you having any flashbacks of your ex while I am having my one and only moment! This was my moment! So I liked the OBGYN so much that I kept this dr for my regular girl exams!

Really in a mess and am needing my fellow Steptalkers advise...really bad!

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In the past month I have come to the conlusion that I am about to loose it. Between the stepkids, my mother and my brother I am on the edge and am not liking how I feel at all. Here recently my mother called me up and asked me if I had heard if my brother had purchased a motorcycle. I, at that time, had NOT heard this,so I told her no. Rewind a bit and let me explain to you my brother, he is a hot headed, free-spirit who does not know how the think into the future and only lives in the present. My mother has bailed his out so may times its scary.

Why does my husband have blinders on and thinks his children are saints...? WHY WHY WHY

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Ok, so I know everyone thinks their children are the best. And so they should-I am the mother of a sweet little baby boy who I think hung the moon. But, let me tell you, I know that he will make mistakes and I know he will get introuble. I know he is not perfect. But, I love him and I want to teach him what he did wrong and how to overcome it and become a better person for learing it.

My husband on the other hand, think his 23 year old and 15 year old DO NO WRONG. EX.

Is it wrong of me to wonder why my husband and the ex still discuss thier 23 year olds doctor appointments

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Ok. Maybe im old fashioned, but when I was 23 I had gaduated college, had a job living on my on and when i went to the doctor I made the appointment and went. I then called my mother and my father. There was NO communication between my divorced parents.

Well, the ex calls my husband this am to get some doctors names so she can make an appointment for the 23 yr old ss. I am sorry but he is freaking 23 years old. At what point is he going to grow up?

Any step moms out there thay know the ex and stepchild is jealous of the baby you had with your husband

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I have noticed every since our child has came into this world that the sd and ex have been A LOT more needier and seem to talk and ask more out of my husband.

Wondering if you noticed any changed in your husband kids and ex wife when the baby came?

My 15 yr old sd will not leave her fathers side except to go to bathroom and bed when he is at our house. It is so annoying. Its like she is afraid he is going to pick the baby up or something.

Why do I even care...I try to disengage-but my buttons get pushed and bam Im right back getting crapped on

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So, we had the sd for the weekend (joy...not!) Supposly, she has had mono, but my husband nor I were told so on our way home she informed me of this. I was so pissed, I asked my husband and he said the ex never mentioned it to him. So, one of the side effects of mono of course is being tired. Well my , bright husband gave her some medication for a headache and she posted on fb that she took a sleeping pill.

The ex texted my husband and it said "I wished you lived closer"...excuse me Do I have a right to be a little pee'ed?

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Ok, this happens a lot. But last night the ex sent my husand a text that said " I wished you loved closer, I am sick. Sd had gymnastics.

This really irrated me really bad. To the point where by the nend of the night my husband and I were not speaking.

1.) We moved 45 minutes away due to work...we had to. I do not like her putting a quilt trip on my husband. (He doesnt see it that way.)

Yes, this jsut came out of my husbands mouth...didnt know whether to laugh or slap him

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So, the sd has not been at our house in a little over 2 months (YAY for me). Last night, he told me he thought he was fixing to start buying his daughter whatever she wanted just so she would come visit. Yea, I laughed uncontrollably at his.

Curious...How many parents get played by kids

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As a step parent looking in on a situation how many of you see your wife/husbands getting played by their kids, but they(the parents) wont do anything about it because the child might get mad at them and not want to come for the weekend?

ex: My step daughter told my husband she was sick and she did not feel like coming over, but that night she broadcasted it on facebook that she was having a friend stay the night with her?

My husband will not say anything to her about her lying to him instead of just saying I want to stay at moms casue a friend is coming over.

Why cant my husband figure out his daughter is playing him!

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So, we have moved and we dont get to see the sd as much as we once did (Thank goodness). But, when she does come we have to act like we have been graced by the Queen of England.

The past 2 months she has not been. She has either been on vaca or sick. Well, twon night ago he said told me he thought his daughter would be coming ans staying with us for the 4th.

Well, yesterday he informed me that she had called and was running a high fever and and bronchitis. Ok, first and foremost if she is sick she can stay with the momma. I dont want her here around us.