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My OBGYN.... The one thing that is mine and you go and ruin that

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When I met my husband he was divorced with two kids. After we got married an decided to have a child we came to an agreement to go to a different hospital and use a different GYNO than the one he and his ex used. Even though he tried to persuade me to use their old one I put my foot down and told him I wanted this to be our experience and I don't want you having any flashbacks of your ex while I am having my one and only moment! This was my moment! So I liked the OBGYN so much that I kept this dr for my regular girl exams! And do you know what my husband just did......just referred his ex to take their daughter to him! This was the freakin one place that no one new she existed and now it's all changed! Sorry I may be petty. I may be bitch but I get sick and tired of her always in our shit! Find your daughter your own GYNO your the mom!!!!!!


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Unless you guys are back to back appointments most of the time the docs and staff won't make a connection. You don't talk about SD to your doc and he shouldn't talk about her to you.

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i get it. you aren't being petty. your dh is being a dumb ass. i'd really like to kick him in the balls for that. i didn't know who sd was seeing during her pregnancy, but the thought of her seeing my dr drove me nuts. turns out she was not seeing my dr, but the chances were high because we live in a very small community. my dr and her dr share an office.

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Your not being petty.

Your husband spent YEARS investigating her vagina.

The least you can demand now is to never ever have to live with anyone else poking around in your vagina after they have explored BMs black hole.

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And I agree with you and hat is why I did not go into fits. But, I personally would not ask my husband to recommend a GYNO to me. I would ask my mom or my girl friends. Then I would discuss what doc I think is best to my husband.

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I went there because it was the one the that there was no connect to hi ex life! This has nothin to do with the step daughter. I want her to be healthy and thinks he doctor was good. But it's the fact that yet again my husband will be discussing this doctor with his ex. The one thing I didn't want. The one thing I don't want her to have a connection with!

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Lol..sorry to say this but your DH recommending a GYN to ANY women is pretty strange. ( Unless DH is a doctor ). What in the world...just Wow!

My vagina my choice! The fact that you have to now allow for the possiblity of bumping into BM and miniBM in the waiting room is AWFUL! 

C'mon DH! I want to believe that men are smarter than this!