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Why does my husband have blinders on and thinks his children are saints...? WHY WHY WHY

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Ok, so I know everyone thinks their children are the best. And so they should-I am the mother of a sweet little baby boy who I think hung the moon. But, let me tell you, I know that he will make mistakes and I know he will get introuble. I know he is not perfect. But, I love him and I want to teach him what he did wrong and how to overcome it and become a better person for learing it.

My husband on the other hand, think his 23 year old and 15 year old DO NO WRONG. EX.

1.)23 year old-still at living at home with the exmother. Pays no rent, no bills. Has a job (which was a battle in itself) which he uses the money to buy beer and clothes. He goes to college on his aunt for the second time. No one ever asks him about his classes, his grades, his attendance( which is pathetic).

2.) 15 year old. Does nothing. Dresses and looks like she is 21. Puts so much make up on that it looks fake and goes days without washing her face. She didnt make cheer this year and her parents told her that people were jealous of her cause she was so much better than them. Yeah, actually told thier child that. WOW.

This is both my husband and ex. They think thier kids are perfect and do not do anything. HAHAHA I am the outsider looking in and needless to say, I pray, that our child does not turn out like his first two. I am going try my hardest with my son.


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I don't get it to be honest.

I have 2 bios of my own, I love them dearly. I am very proud of them. I am the first to admit they are far from perfect, and I certainly don't expect others to think that of them either. That is why I don't get why we are supposed to think that of our skids.

My BD12 can be a little coldhearted - i dont love her any less, but I'd be lying if I didn't see that from time to time. She can be downright mean if she wants to be, she is very intellegent - the type that can insult someone and they don't even know it because of how its done.

My BD8 can be irritating - she hums and sings non stop. I am used to her, she was humming before she could talk - always has and it has never stopped. She can actually hold a tune so that makes it easier to tune her out since its really a melody of sorts most of the time - but in closed quarters, like a car, hours on end, I am the first to tell her to shut it.

I do not claim my children are perfect, nor do I expect the world to be extra kind and fall all over them just because they are mine.

So, why do so many of these men feel like that??

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Nobody's kids are perfect. Nobody is perfect for that matter. I understand how it feels when the DH gets defensive and protective like that. It creates tension and friction and closes off communication Sad

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Excuse my bluntness but it seems as though parenting is not your DH's forte and judging from other blogs and posts on this site, he's not alone Sad Why can't he just see that he's failing his own kids this way? These Disney dads are just oblivious to the faults of their children. When will they wake up?

*double facepalm*