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Keep Minding My Own Business

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Not really looking for advice bc I know I need to continue minding my own damn business but WHEW it's hard. As a fixer/planner it's SOOO hard to mind my own damn business. 

The biggest obstacle I've had to overcome as a stepparent is to learn how to mine my OWN damn business. If it doesn't involve my time or money (separate funds), I force myself not to care.

Silly Hubs

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My hubby woke up in a foul mood this morning. I thought I heard him kick the dog bowl and get mad last night but I was trying to keep little man asleep. I didn't even notice he went to bed mad at me. 

Aparently he knocked over a glass of water I left on the counter on our new hardwood floors. He ranted for a couple of minutes before I said "so you are mad at me because you knocked over a glass of water on the floor", he kind of grumbled and changed his tune/subject. 

BM Meets Closed Door

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Another installment of why I am no contact with BM. 

I used to read stories on here and think no way are these BMs are that crazy or lack normal obvious boundaries. 

Kid exchanges should be easypeasy right? After all skid has a cell phone. I was wrong, so wrong...  BM was picking the kids up from our house while hubby was at a class. I opened the door so I could look out through the screen door to see BM coming. 


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*edit* This did happen years ago but it one of the reason I am no contact with BM. 

My hubby's daughter has beautiful curly hair it is very time thick and luscious. She has been left to her own devices as far as styling her hair since I've met her when she was seven years old. She has so much hair that she was unable to put it in a ponytail without help. I get it 4B hair is tough to manage and the products that work are expensive.