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No That’s Not How That Works

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My husband is an extremely intelligent man I promise. Sometimes he says ish that just catches me completely off guard. 

Mr. Sparkl3s: I guess when SD turns 18 I'll just keep paying the whole year of child support, until the end 

me: No, you are done the month she turns 18 or when she graduates, whichever event happens later. 

Mr. Sparkl3s: I don't even know the new amount, I have to call the state

me: No it's all spelled in your divorce decree, besides you have auto pay set up from your checking account just change the amount for ss only. Unless their mother takes you for a modification. 

Mr. Sparkl3s: -_____-..... 

me: -----________------, Year XYZ is the end hun (smacks head)

Maybe at that time we can have one bank account.... maybe 



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Usually if there is more than one kid, you do have to go to court to stop the one and get a new amount for the remaining kid, don't you? Unless the amount for the other kid is already in the divorce papers, which is what I think you are saying.

I can't imagine overpaying CS. DH is counting down (literally) until he's done paying.

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His divorce decree states the amount cs is suppose to drop to with just one kid. BM can always ask for more money. I did the math and the increase would be minimal if she did file now that health insurance rates increased and we had a bio together. 

He sends it to the state (best way ever bc she can't  ask him about it) it isn't garnished from his paycheck, so he has the ability to adjust it himself. The state sends her the money. 

From reading here I've realized that not everyone is as lucky depending on the state your child support is through and they do have to jump through hoops to get it sorted out at the end. Luckily it ENDS at 18 or high school graduation. 

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"Why would you want to give BM money she isn't entitled to? Do you think of her while you're earning it?"

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My head was spinning like a cartoon character and I was mouthing WTF to myself. I did ask him if I was the only one that read the divorce decree. 

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Maybe put it in concrete terms that he can grasp better:

"Those X months of extra and unwarranted CS could be better spent on a romantic getaway for us at *insert desirable destination*."

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DH is guilty and wants to give, take care of BM.  Like nothing is too good for BM and his kids.  The more money they get the better he feels.   You must put four foot down.  Following the CO to the letter.   How about the future, cars college, weddings,  lots of big ticket big expenses in the future 

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Which is why I might keep seperate bank accounts. He normally does contribute above the mandated amount bc he doesn't want his kids to go without just bc their mom is selfish. Luckily the kids have their own seperate joint bank accounts with him that he can send their allowance to that he can control. 

BM is selfish bc gets a nice amount a month and would not replace tattered shoes and high water pants for the longest. His daughter has been bank rolling her high school clothing with Christmas and birthday money for awhile. 

As long as my husband does his half of our financial obligations I've learned to let it go or it will make me bitter.