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Thank you!

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This is my first “official” blog but I have been creeping and lurking on this site for almost a decade. 

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to share all of your experiences in the blended family life. It allowed me to choose early on what kind of step mom I wanted to be. I chose to be my husband’s wife almost exclusively. I actually lucked out with my skids they are pretty great kids. I stepped back because their BM is/was extremely territorial from the get go. She makes the kids feel guilty for hurting her feelings and creates alternate truths. I removed myself from anything she can “see” is a direct result of my effort. While, I do help my hubby she is none the wiser and it’s for the best.

Again thank you for sharing bc otherwise I’d be in jail for putting my hands on her. 


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I usually say "welcome to the site" but you have probably been here longer than me, lol, if you've been lurking for a decade.  Like yours, the NPD BM in my life alienated my SDs from the start and as a result I have never had a functional relationship with them.  I was never tempted to put my hands on her, but I sincerely wished a big dollop of karma to fall on her head.  It kind of has, as she is in an unhappy and abusive marriage, which relationship started about a year after mine with DH.  

Look forward to seeing more of your posts.  I'm sure folks here would be interested to hear more about how you've managed the situation.