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My day with SD21, and DH finally gets tough!

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This morning, SD13 woke up feeling pretty sick and had a semi high fever. I get along well with SD13 and SD7, since they were both very young when their mother passed I am the mom figure in their lives. I called the doctor and he reccomended some over the counter meds from the drug store. SD21 called the house not long after, DD3's birthday is coming up soon and she was wondering what she is interested in.SD21 has slowly been coming around the last couple months and has even said she was sorry for past behavior.

So Happy I Found This Site! Major Stepkid Issues

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Hi everyone, my name is Carly and I can't even tell you how happy I am to have found this site! Please excuse any typos becuase I am typing this on my new tablet and the format is very different. I am married to my wonderful DH and we have our DD3 and DS1. DH was previously married before and has 5 older children,SS23, SD21, SD20, SD13 and SD7. their mother passed away when the youngest was almost a year old and I met DH a couple years after. SS23 and SD20 both live in a rental property DH owns. The two of them just barley pay rent.