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Disengaging.... still learning

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Ever since EX1 and EX2 and SD21 made their disagreement with us getting engaged be known, I've been on a mission: learning how to disengage from them and their drama and still hold onto my relationship. This sh*t is hard. We have broken up in the past due to this drama with them. FH has a tendency to run when it gets tough because that's all he's ever done. But he doesn't want to continue that behavior and he also doesn't want to let them dictate anything we do. He wants me by his side at every event, even if they don't like it.


Back again after my ass chewing from my first post...

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Okay, maybe not an ass chewing, LOL, but definitely heard some hard opinions of my SO and even of me. But it's been months. Things were going sooooooooo well! My 3 kids and my SS age 11 who is with us half the time have been doing awesome! Even SD age 21 came over for Christmas and was very friendly with me. It was so nice and made me all warm and squishy. Then.....