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Need Help and Advice (suicide trigger warning)

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I used to be a fairly active member a few years ago. Found my way out of Step Hell but I still read the forums almost daily. You have all always  been a wonderful source of wisdom for me. 
And now I have a problem. My issue in my relationship was not my stepdaughters, it was my ex. He was emotionally abusive and our break up was ugly and horrendous. However, I have been blessed enough to still have my ex stepdaughter’s in my life. They are both wonderful lovely fabulous young women. I have no children of my own and I will always feel as though they are mine in some way. 

OT: awful issues with blushing/flushing and hot flashes since hysterectomy! Help?!?!

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Ok guys, here's the thing. I have always run "hot", I have always been a huge blusher. But not in the cute, rosy cheeked way that you might be pictruing. The slightest bit of emotion, whether it be happiness or excitement or anger or even mild surprise (for example if someone comes up to my desk to talk to me and I don't feel completely "prepared" for it) cause me to flush an awful, blotchy, purplish red colour on my face, neck, chest and upper arms.

Yes, it's like a car crash. No, I can't look away.

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So, Ok. I have gotten to know a woman at work (I'll call her "K") over the past couple of months. During our chats, she has told me a lot about her boyfriend. K is in her 40's, voluntarily childless and has told me many times that she doesn't want anything intense with anyone right now. She loves the fact that her BF works a lot because they just hook up on the wknds, watch movies have awesome dinners and have fun. Nice and simple. Sounds perfect to me!

O/T: Anyone use Wen products for frail hair?

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I have had it with my hair. It is coloured and despite all my care and expensive products it's fried and dry. However it is also extremely fine and frail (like, see through to my scalp in certain lighting) which is something I inherited from my Mom's side of the family and persists despite a good diet and lots of vitamin E.

I'm thinking of using Wen but because my hair is so thin I really worry about it not being clean enough and just getting limper.

Anyone?? Help??

OT: Sleepwalking advice? Help!!! :(

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Sorry, this is sooo long Smile

Ok guys, I need some opinions and my doctor is pretty much stymied.

So, as an adult I've always been prone to sleepwalking in times of stress. It was generally nothing too dramatic, I would do things like empty some towels out of linen closet and pile them neatly beside my bed, weird random stuff like that.

Let's Hear Your Deepest, Darkest Confessions!

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Despite recent craziness I still feel as though I can trust you guys. No judgement, right?
So here is my confession: The one bread carb I was allowing myself today was a lemon bar. I dropped it on the floor at work. And yes, I ate that lemony bitch.
Also, I maaaay have forgotten deodorant today.

who's next???

When is it time for anti-depressants? help :(

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Hi guys,

So, although I obsessively read every blog here, I really don't post very often, especially after my SO and I broke up last year. Under a different name I did ask for and receive some awesome "Stepmom" support over the years. But I have a question and this is a very wise group of people.