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O/T: Anyone use Wen products for frail hair?

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I have had it with my hair. It is coloured and despite all my care and expensive products it's fried and dry. However it is also extremely fine and frail (like, see through to my scalp in certain lighting) which is something I inherited from my Mom's side of the family and persists despite a good diet and lots of vitamin E.

I'm thinking of using Wen but because my hair is so thin I really worry about it not being clean enough and just getting limper.

Anyone?? Help??


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We've missed you girl. Have you tried Olaplex? It's meant to fix dry damaged hair without flattening it like a Brazilian blow wave.

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Don't you dare buy that stuff. I bought it and I started to get sores on my scalp. Then later I heard it was causing people to lose their hair. I have such thin hair would've been devastated to lose any of it. But getting sores on my scalp perhaps was the start of my hair to fall out. So gross. :sick:

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Do you use dry shampoo? Dry shampoo is great for adding volume to even clean hair. Do you wash your hair every day?

My hair is colored, and was getting damaged because I was flat ironing it all the time (my hair is naturally curly)
I started only washing my hair 2-3 times a week max. So I'll wash it Monday and straighten it, then Tuesday I'll use dry shampoo and run the straightener through it quick, then Wednesday I dry shampoo again and wear it in a sock bun, or I get it wet in the shower, only put conditioner on it and wear it curly. Then Thursday I'll wash and straighten and then dry shampoo on Friday, then Saturday, depending on what we have going on I might wash or not. On the days I wash my hair, I put coconut oil in it and leave it for at least 30 minutes.

If your hair is really fine and limp though, I'm not sure if you can go without washing or do the coconut oil thing? Is your hair long enough that you can wear it in a sock bun, or another cute "updo" to avoid washing it?

SIL is my hairdresser and she has been raving about how much better my hair is since I stopped washing it every day and started using the coconut oil.

Also, Biolage has a "wen" type product out, one specifically for fine hair. SIL gave me a sample a few months ago and I really liked it. Do you have an Ulta or Sephora nearby? Maybe you can get a sample and try it before you spend gobs of money on Wen?

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I DO! i LOVE it. totally love it. it doesnt make my hair fall out either, but i use it differently than instructed. my scalp is oily but my hair is dry, both by nature but also because it's lightened AND very, very long. i use a regular shampoo on just my roots only, and use the wen like a leave-in conditioner a few inches down, then all the way to the tips.

it has made my waves more defined and tighter, and it just feels much healthier (not straw-like anymore!) i have noticed, however, that it tangles up a whole lot more, i have a much harder time with that when i'm straight out of the shower. but the pro's outweigh the con's.

a girl who works for me also has fine, wavy hair. she noticed a lot of hair-loss and quit using it. if you want to try it, i'd be careful to keep it away from your scalp - i'm sure any reason it would cause hairloss would have to happen near the folicles, since the rest of the shaft is 'dead'...

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wow, I'm sooo glad i posted this before buying a bunch of products that might give me SORES ON MY SCALP and lose my hair!!! That's soooo awful Sad Each hair I have is like gold dust, I would be crushed to lose more.

I had also heard of a drugstore brand cleansing conditioner (can't remember what brand) but I didn't have a great feeling about it.

See, my big problem is that I HAVE to heat style if I want any semblance of volume. If I leave it to air dry or try and sock bun over night I end up exposing wide swathes of scalp and looking ridiculous. And very very frizzy. Over the years I have mastered making my hair LOOK like it's not 6 strands of comb over and half a bottle of product; funnily enough one thing I get a lot of compliments on is my hair. But people don't realize it's all a house of cards and I am one rainstorm or malfunctioning blow-dryer away from looking like Gene Simmons.

I only wash it maybe 3 times a week, and I do a lot of up-dos for work. The problem THERE is that, again, my hair is so fine (my entire ponytail is about the diameter of my thumb) that I have to back comb a little bit just to make an updo not look like I slapped on a swim cap and called it a day. So even the up-dos are causing damage.

I also love dry shampoo! Even when my hair is freshly washed I add a spritz to the roots for volume.

Love the suggestions guys, thanks so much for taking time to respond.

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If you check out the AG line that I posted in my comment above, they also have a great strengthening/volume shampoo Smile

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lol my ponytails are about that diameter too! i used to use mane-and-tail conditioner, that worked great IMHO, along with the occasional hair mask of yucky good ol' Queen Helene Cholesterol from sally's (just dont get either product anywhere NEAR your scalp at all!!!)

i've tried just about every product i could get my hands on, even hand lotion and baby oil!

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For those that have used olive oil as a conditioner, do you leave it in and then shampoo it out? And then do you condition afterwards? or do you just rinse it out?
I would like to try it but my hair is so limp already...

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yes you would have to shampoo it out. make sure you stick to the bottom half of the hairshaft only (or at least 4" away from your scalp). you could also use avocado.

there is nothing that is going to miraculously change the texture of your hair for the better (unlike what the wen commercials say!!!) but there is a ton of trial and error and experimentation.

no matter what you try, just keep any and all conditioning agents awaaaaayyyy from your scalp or your hair will look super thin, flat, and greasy.

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oh and ps, after shampooing the oil out, i would at least use a light leave-in conditioner on the ends.

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Ordered Wen and didn't think I would like to never got them to stop sending it. I know I paid more than I should have for the products but just wanted it stopped and them to stop sending it. The product itself was awful and it did cause sores on my scalp. Now this lawsuit lets me know that I was correct about it and the way I felt. Still have some left but will just throw it away, wouldn't want anybody to put up with what I did. These people were as bad as my step daughter in law and don't need anymore people in the world like her in my life.

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Late to the party here.

I have been using Wen for about six or seven years. I love it but I've found a product specifically for curly hair and I plan to try their products when I get through my current supply of Wen. Curly hair is dry by nature, and this product will help hydrate my hair and give me softer curls.

I have fine, very curly hair. But a ton of it. Wen doesn't make my hair greasy and I use it practically every day. The only time shampoo is used on my hair is when I see my stylist every six weeks for a cut and color.

However, I lost about a third of my hair after having radioactive iodine to treat my Graves Disease, which caused my thyroid to completely shut down and I went hypo.

I did a ton of research and found Viviscal is great for hormonal (thyroid, sex and adrenal hormones) hair loss. I took it twice, for three months each time. It's not cheap but my hair filled back in and didn't seem as fine as it was before. After getting a pixie cut, which leveled the playing field so to speak, my hair is back to it's normal self again.

It took about a year for this process. I no longer straighten it and dry it with a diffuser. Despite the fact I color my roots every six weeks, it's the healthiest it's been in years.

If you have a sensitive scalp, then I don't recommend Wen. It does tend to give me ingrown hairs around my scalp line in front from time to time. But I've never lost any hair or had it fall out in patches (except after RAI).

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I have very fine - but very thick hair. Before decent conditioners my hair would just be a huge tangled knot. I was in Japan about 45 years ago and the hairdressers did not know what to do with my hair when it ended up being a huge knot of tangles. The Vidal Sassoon stuff from about 1971 was the first stuff to detangle my hair.

Now just about anything works. I can't tell any difference between shampoos and conditioners. I do use a "wet brush" to detangle my hair with the conditioner.

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I use the knock off called "One" found at Sally's Beauty in the U.S. (not our saffer Sally) Blum 3

I have pin straight dark hair that USED to be VERY thick. USED to get damaging perms, colouring, blow outs, etc.

Now that Im post meno, I made the change to the One product, intensive conditioner, Naturtint colour, turban towels for drying, and I cut my own hair with a crea clip.

After meeting Chef, I couldnt afford a hairdresser if I wanted to anyway.

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I use WEN and I love it. My hair has a lot of body and holds style better. My hair is color treated and heat styled. I don't know about all the lawsuit stuff. I would think that if the FDA had any suspicion or proof that this stuff wasn't safe, it wouldn't be allowed to be sold and pulled from the market. I buy mine through Amazon and not the website.

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It works great for me. Sorry for anybody who lost their if in fact it was because of WEN. I will be sad if it they quit selling it. Sad