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Trust or not...

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I've been thinking about trust lately. In the sense of whether we start out believing someone or not.

What does it say about us, as a society, as an individual, that we know - as fact - that most sexual violence, sexual assault, sexual intimidation, sexual harassment - is unreported, is committed by men against women, children, and other men, and happens every day, everywhere. And that we so often choose to say, "Oh, THAT girl asked for it." Or choose to believe that, "Women make false accusations all the time."

OT - small children, chores and leadership

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There's a chore chart out there with responsibilities even 2-5 year olds can do. And I think my kid, with me riding herd, can do each of those things.

I'd really like for DD3 to take on a bit more responsiblity for others in our home. It might be asking too much. She now chooses her clothes and dresses herself (although she has recently become obsessed with Frozen and has organized her non-name brand clothes into Frozen/not-Frozen and nothing in the non-Frozen category is worn anymore.... but I digress).

OT - is there anything to be said?

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My DD3 has a friend, M4, who goes to school. DD also likes playing with M's little brother, E2, at daycare or on playdates.

Personally, I find M to be annoying. But I blame the parents. They both spend most playdates interacting with M and directing activities for her or setting up something she randomly asked for. E gets relatively very little attention, but still more than me. I only do playdates because DD likes them so much; usually my philosophy is that playdates are for me to socialize and the kids to figure out how to play together.

Friend's situation

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I've got a friend in a frustrating step-situation and I'm wondering if anyone has ideas to help her navigate it.

She's the SD. I met my friend several years ago when we both participated in a very intensive therapy program for people living with chronic pain. That's where we both met the woman who is now her step-mom. The SM dropped out of the program about half-way through.

OT - DD's daycare UPDATE

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Follow-up to this blog entry:

The end result of this brouhaha was that DH and I agreed that DH will take over communicating with the daycare. He takes very little to heart and is a native Dutch speaker so will not have my doubts about the communication. Saves me getting upset and stressed out, so good choice!

OT - DD's daycare - VENT

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So, DD goes to daycare 2 half-days per week. The creche is open 7.30 am - 6.30 pm, and the half-days are 7.30 am - 1 pm or 1 pm - 6.30 pm. I chose mornings, and the drop-off is anytime before 9 am, because that's when they start with the routines and activities. Until today, I've been operating under the assumption that I need to be there by 1 pm to pick up DD. So I get there usually between 12.45 and 1 pm, chat with the staff about how the day went for DD, get her to go pee and take off her slippers/put on her boots, get her coat on and out the door.