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Update to yesterday's prescription nightmare

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So I took some advice I was given here and sent a email to the social worker (because she is hard to reach via phone - go figure) and indicated that not only is it illegal but the BM would have no way of knowing what medications we had already given SD9 therefore she could have double dosed her or the drug could have had an interaction. We also indicated that is would irresponsible for us to give her medication that was not prescribed by a doctor to her and perhaps the person supervising the visits should pay closer attention to what goes on.

I'm not a doctor but...

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My youngest 2 SK currently live with us by order of Children's Aid. As a result, they get weekly supervised visits with BM. Yesterday was one such visit.

SD9 had a bit of a stuffy nose in the morning. I think it is allergies since she feels fine other then that. Well she comes home and her BM has given her a steriod nose spray. This is her (BM's) perscription. She told sd to take it 2 times per day until done....

Karma is a b&%*h and I like her

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If you have read my other posts, then you will note the story of SD19 is full of annoyance and flat out frustration.

Both DH and I had fully come to terms that SD19 was moving back to BM. For many reasons we think, no rent, close to school, no other kids living there, no rules ETC. She even went as far as to full out tell SD21 she was leaving "as soon as her room was ready" But DH and I had not heard this from her. So we waited patiently. Patiently, while she was rude to us, talked rudely about us behind our backs and generally was being difficult.

We are not as stupid as we look

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In the ongoing saga that is sd19, myself and DH are left feeling as though we must appear stupid. For a few weeks now we have had the feeling that sd19 is going to move back to bm. Now DH and I are fine with this. Basically, it has been a long time coming. BM will not charge her rent, lives in the same town and is more superfically supportive then we are. Not to mention, with the little kids now living with us for the time being everyone is feeling cramped.


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So my SD21 comes to me the other day and tells me she thinks that SD19 is depressed. Now, SD19 is a very selfish and self absorbed person who would get depressed like if she broke a nail. SD21 isn't sure what she is depressed over but feels we should talk to her. DH mixes with SD19 like oil and water so usually we both talk to her so my common sense can rise above. But I actually don't think that SD19 is depressed. I think she is having a pity party because we have been occupied with SS10 and SD9 moving in with us after being apprehended recently from BM. Should I bother?

Crying over spilt milk

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My two youngest sk's live with us under a child protection order and get supervised visits with the bm. I obviously can't get into details however when having a conversation with the social worker last night, she indicated to us the bm has concerns that we do not offer milk to the kids. Now keep in mind that they get milk at school and the babysitters...

So does this make sense to anyone? The bm lost her kids due to abuse but is mad because we don't offer the kids milk? WTF?

Lucky fo us the social worker see's this too but has to mention it anyways. But really???

Friends and foe's.

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I suppose it is a sign of the times when you turn to the internet to find support so you don't rip your hair out and run. I have been a step mom for approx 4 years now and instead of getting easier it gets harder. Isn't that against what you were ever taught about life?