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We are not as stupid as we look

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In the ongoing saga that is sd19, myself and DH are left feeling as though we must appear stupid. For a few weeks now we have had the feeling that sd19 is going to move back to bm. Now DH and I are fine with this. Basically, it has been a long time coming. BM will not charge her rent, lives in the same town and is more superfically supportive then we are. Not to mention, with the little kids now living with us for the time being everyone is feeling cramped.

Here is the funny/why me part. SD19 tells SD21 that she is moving sometime before Septemeber. When asked by SD21 if she plans on giving us notice, her answer is "we will see". WTF does that mean? At what point do we outright ask the question? Normally I would just ask however it would be rather handy if she moved and frankly we have done all we can for her. So we don't want to scare her off.

One the other hand, we think (due to recent money expendures on her part) that she is planning on it sooner rather then later so do we just wait it out.


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Get it set in Don't allow her wiggle room or she will feel powerful with the control. As soon as it was decided sd21 was going, it was all systems roll, and I had to ride DH a little bit to keep the momentum going or it would have happened like three months later !!

Good luck !!