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Karma is a b&%*h and I like her

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If you have read my other posts, then you will note the story of SD19 is full of annoyance and flat out frustration.

Both DH and I had fully come to terms that SD19 was moving back to BM. For many reasons we think, no rent, close to school, no other kids living there, no rules ETC. She even went as far as to full out tell SD21 she was leaving "as soon as her room was ready" But DH and I had not heard this from her. So we waited patiently. Patiently, while she was rude to us, talked rudely about us behind our backs and generally was being difficult.

So yeterday, I recieve a text from SD21 saying there is a snag. BM is now considering moving 1 hour north of here and while SD19 is welcome to go, she won't move up there.

Now on one hand, DH and I are very disappointed. We were looking forward to having additional space for SS10 and SD9 as well as trying to have a better relationship with SD19.

On another hand, Karma is a b*&$h. Now she has had to try and rocoup a bit since she spent the last 2 weeks being rude.

Not sure what the next few weeks holds, but in the meantime I will laugh not so sliently.