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#2: SD and Karma-- Welcome Karma I didn't expect you so soon

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SD21 has a boyfriend. SO and I just met him the other day. He doesn't look like he could be more than 24 at best. Two kids, ages 2&4. He obviously isn't that involved with his children and SD was complaining about Biomom.

On the way home SO complains that he had kids. I said well, I'm gonna enjoy the karma. I hope they are both girls and just as snotty as she was. HAHAHAHA

I like how he acted as if I was the mean one.


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It's always funny how people can see things from outside... yet are blind to their own issues right?

I don't necessarily wish ill upon my OSD. She was for sure the more difficult to deal with of the two kids. She wasn't so much the in your face bad kid, but she definitely made little effort to be friendly to me. I know she blamed both of her parents heartily for all the shortcomings she experienced as a child. I believe she truly feels "shorted" as a result of her parents' split. I know my DH gave her a pass a bit because he felt guilty. Like when we helped her buy cars and she promised she would pay us back.. and didn't. It wasn't a big sum, but it was the principle of the matter that she promised us that she would clearly make an effort... but never did. I know she felt that the cars weren't good enough for her anyway. She is a pretty snobby person in many ways. I think she is insecure because she felt she didn't have the "right clothes" etc.. when she was growing up.

So, when at 22 she got pregnant unexpectedly and ended up having to marry a guy that she wasn't 100% certain about as far as what their feelings were and if she even really liked him? Well, that was when I got to trot out my advice to her. "Oh, SD, this is the good thing. Now it's your turn to be the parent to a child and do things differently than your parents" So... will she stick it out with this guy who while a good provider is a bit of a jerk and superficial? Gosh honey, it isn't as easy as you thought it should be for parents to stay together is it? Oh, and you won't just dump your kid off on people when you want a break.. oh wait.. already doing

I think reality will teach her a bit and hopefully she will become a better person and be more empathetic to her parents' situation.

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This is like the time DH and I were talking about starting a family and brought up the idea of Artificial Insemination. DH blurts out without thinking: "I just don't know how I'd feel about raising kids that weren't mine!"

Oh, really? But every time I comment or express frustration about that VERY scenario...I'm being silly and unreasonable? Interesting.

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SO says the same thing. He always tells me that he wouldn't have been able to do what i did. Get involved with someone who has children. Idiot.

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I've told SD18 that I hope she marries a man with 2-3 girls!!! And they all hate her!! I love karma..

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I can't wait for the day Aergia turns up with a man with children...... I do not care if it's boys or girls...

I will be the best step granny in the world and I will teach those little kids to tell Aergia - you are not our mother you can't tell us what to do.... oh I can't wait !!!!!!

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Yes AA, hopefully the mini-wife will have mini-wives to deal with, just like you did!

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And when DH starts regaling you with horror stories from SD about her SK's and disney BF.. you can start every sentence with, "Oh! Sorta like the time you....."

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