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I'm not a doctor but...

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My youngest 2 SK currently live with us by order of Children's Aid. As a result, they get weekly supervised visits with BM. Yesterday was one such visit.

SD9 had a bit of a stuffy nose in the morning. I think it is allergies since she feels fine other then that. Well she comes home and her BM has given her a steriod nose spray. This is her (BM's) perscription. She told sd to take it 2 times per day until done....

My response to this is...ummm this is your mom's presription and I don't think you should take it without approval from a doctor? I told DH that I think it would be irresposible to let her have it.

Who does that?


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Parents who dont care about thier kids. WOW- i am not a doctor, but pretty sure at two years of age my child will still be going to a who deals with little ones and sure will not be getting my nose spray!

Thats is terrible! I totally agree with you!

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Thanks I am glad I am not just being petty. Not to mention, it is the sniffles.....nothing earth shattering.

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I don't think she is being supervised very well if she is handing out presecription meds without having PA,DO or MD behind her name. I think this is something that your DH needs to report to the court.

It's actually a crime in most states to dispense (give) a medication without a prescription.

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You need to let the supervising agency know what happened and let them know that if anything like that happens again you will be making the necessary arrangements to change agencies and insure that those children are in fact being supervised in a safe enviroment. quote unquote.

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That part did boggle my mind. Not the first time where I question what has gone on. Like BM telling the kids they can get a dog when they come home....none of us have any idea when/if they will be allowed to go home.

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I would be reporting this agency to the courts as well. If these kids are being supervised, how did that even happen?

And, yea, it is against the law to share prescriptions. And it is dangerous to let a child use the medication of an adult.

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Not sure how that got past. We are going to bring it up at the next meeting with the social worker. Needless to say, sd9 is not getting the spray.

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Please don't give that to your skid. Nasal sprays can be dangerous. There have even been some OTC ones that have been pulled recently. SD needs to go see a REAL Dr, and the mediator (or whoever supervises) needs to be informed that BM is sharing her Rx's.

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Very true I do understand the risks I actually have to take one daily and I would never give it to the kids? Or my husband for that matter. And gross it has been up her nose!!!

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Don't let the child use it! I'm assuming she's young, under 12. Most medicines are different for children vs adults. Nasal sprays can be damaging to adults, let alone children.

I also think it's against the law to give out prescription meds, even to your children.

Take her to the Dr and get something for children. Or give her something for children's allergies.

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Well she admitted in court papers she has used drugs so I didnt consider that.

In terms of contacting the police, I am not sure how it works in the states but up here I am not too sure how much they would get involved. I think we will make sure the social worker understands we find this to be unacceptable and that we want it documented for the court case.