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So my SD21 comes to me the other day and tells me she thinks that SD19 is depressed. Now, SD19 is a very selfish and self absorbed person who would get depressed like if she broke a nail. SD21 isn't sure what she is depressed over but feels we should talk to her. DH mixes with SD19 like oil and water so usually we both talk to her so my common sense can rise above. But I actually don't think that SD19 is depressed. I think she is having a pity party because we have been occupied with SS10 and SD9 moving in with us after being apprehended recently from BM. Should I bother?


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No. SD19 may very well have issues that she should see a therapist for, but she has to choose to do so. She definitely sounds like an emotionally stunted, emotionally immature person who could benefit from counseling. Does she attend college?

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She applied to the police program and starts in September. But she is the type who will say she is going for attention then change her mind tomorrow. Very hard to pin down.

She BM is bi polar and we think she has issues however she flat out refuses to get help and basically drives us all in the house batty.