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So far so good

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So I disengaged from the MIL and SD for a while now I'm ready to have her back at my house discluding his mother. I still feel like she doesn't deserve to be in my daughters life whatsoever. I feel like I'm in a good place to let his daughter come back to my house assuming that everything goes well. 

Just stupid

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So his mom texted him today and asked when DD birthday is, she thought it was the 7th it's like I'm no your far off it's the 18th, I want to disengage but i feel like I can't because SO still hears from her on a daily basis but literally she doesn't care she hasn't since I was pregnant with her. Her birthday party is next weekend and they aren't invited because of these things so. His dad came over with SD and didn't even ask about DD and didn't want to see her. The only time they come over is to bring SD to see SO. Very annoying 


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I know I'm a pain in the ass lol and my post are all over the place. Hense my life. Tonight we noticed that anything to do with our DD on Facebook is deleted from Facebook and all social media on FMILs social media. Trying to not let this shot bother me, but it's so unfair to my DD and I feel like SO should have it out with him mom. She treats DD like she's not her grand daughter. We have such a busy lifestyle being young and work and have a lot of hobbies.

What should I do?

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After this weekend it leaves me questioning if I should invite his parents to DDs party next month, we are supposed to get married next year but I feel like if MIL is going to be there for that it's going to make me crazy and make it not enjoyable. I'm such a bad person for not wanting his mom or his other kid at my wedding. It just leaves me questioning what to do. 

Following up from Friday post

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So today's Father's Day, MIL drops off SD and doesnt acknowledge DD at all. So I confront her outside and she says that I didn't stop in the house with DD the last time we were there, I walked through to the back and a few minutes later she went out mind you it was 90 degrees in the house and was cooler outside. That was her excuse. Pretty petty. I also told her it is not my responsibility to include her in everything I do. She just drove away without saying much. Needless to say MIL is not invited to DD party next month. She barely knows DD and she's 2. 

As Father’s Day is coming up.

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So today I went out and bought the rest of the stuff from me and my DD. So we could do a little thing by ourselves tonight so that SD  wouldn't feel left out because I had a sign made with daddy and my daughters name on it I know a bad description. So MIL calls him today after we already did stuff and said " you need to include SD in whatever I had planned for him" cuz she's not doing anything for him from SD. I already did what I was going to do.


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He finally did the paternity test just awaiting the results. but that's whatever. I don't know what do to do it's a competition between SD and DD that's not even 2 yet. The comment she made this weekend was quite bratty. " I have more toys than she (DD) does. Says the SD. Petty shit but still it's like you come to my house and play with my DD toys and I mean she has a 13x13 room filled with toys. And a trampoline and we have a pool and a huge playscape but still not the point. What can I do to make it so there's less competition.