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20 Year Old Step Daughter and Vacations

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I have a 20 year old stepdaughter who is paying her own way through school by waitressing. She does well for herself but needs to be very smart with her money in order to pay for her next semester of classes. My DH, DD11 and I are going to Mexico next week and SD20 is pissed she wasn't invited to go with us.


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I'm sorry to post a non step issue. Smile

Has anyone gone to Cancun for vacation in the past few months? DH and I are trying to decide if we want to go there or to another tropical location. If you did go did you feel safe? I know that there were travel warnings not too long ago regarding tourists being kidnapped. We plan on staying on the resort to drink and eat!

Any input is helpful!

At what age do you stop paying for your kids vacations?

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DH and I would like to take a trip to Mexico this winter and take DD10 with us since kids under 12 are free at the all inclusive resort. We would just would have to pay for her plane ticket.

If we were to take SD19 it would be the cost of the plane ticket (around $500) plus whatever the resort would want us to pay for an additional adult. I am thinking around $600 which would put us way over budget on going on this trip. There is no way she can pay her own way she is in school full time and is responsible for paying what student loans don't cover.

My SD18 has lost her brain cells to pot and college

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Do ever feel like no one believes you when you tell them your SD18 is a lying manipulative girl in the shell of a seemingly all American perfect angel? When finally she starts to show her true colors and you are doing a happy dance on the inside. Family and friends start to say that maybe you aren't the evil bitch that hates SD18 they always assumed you to be.

Here is a small sample of the last 6 months...

OT-Current Babysitting Rate?

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Luckily for DH and I we rarely need a babysitter due me having divorced parents who are more than happy to take her for the night or sometimes a whole weekend (awesome) However, tonight we were given tickets to the Orioles Game and I have asked our 16 year old neighbor to sit for DD9 since it's last minute and both sets of parents are occupied tonight.

How do you let go....

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Of your all encompassing absolute hatred for such a white trash ho bag?

I know it’s not worth the energy to hate and all of that blah but have you ever just wanted to blast the "B" on social media or write a terrible review for their already sinking ship of a store?

I won't do any of it. My Mom taught me better.

On a side note SD18 was able to get a loan for the missing amount her BM was going to pay.

I hope BM gets a really nasty splinter that festers.

It's all over-and its a good thing

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This is what the past month has been like in our home

1. SD final dance recital (1st time BM has seen her 18 year old dance-EVER)

2. SD Prom (BM refused to help or participate this year)

3. SD 18th Birthday (BM didn't text her until 10pm)

4. SD senior showcase (BM no show even though SD bought her ticket)

5. SD Graduation party x2 one with family and one with the neighborhood (3 other graduates on our street)-BM can throw her on party on her dime

BM Sleeping with the Farmer Across the Street

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Oh joy. The things you learn when running errands with your SD17. BM and Stepdad are now separated but not legally. He is living in another state while BM keeps the house here in our state. She is only participating in "activities" when the younger two boys are visiting their Dad. SD17 was mad at first because technically it is having an affair but she also thinks that her BM deserves someone to make her happy at least once a month.