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Court hearing question

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My hubby is due in court today for the final decision on child custody..But is refusing to go because he cant or doesnt want to get off work. Well we have had the children for sometime now, but Im afraid if he dont go we will lose them and Dogzilla will get them back or ask for more money..Anyone with any experience with the type of situation where one doesnt show up for court and what happens..Courts at 2pm today and Iam about to lose it..

OT: And just for FUN

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Oct8 blog and a few of you got my mind wondering..If you didnt have DH/SO and could have one person who would it be??

For me it would be Batista from WWE, a man with muscles,tats and a lil angry!!! Thats HAWT, it doesnt get any better than that..

This is for "fun" just bc we are married doesnt mean we are blind..So come on girls who is it gonna be??

Just wondering

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Its been awhile since I post any drama in my life..But yesterday while we were at a local amusement park, I noticed the BM's live in BF..I guess my DH caught me looking at this guy, and was like whos that Im like oh noone..He was like no really I saw looking at him, and I swear I only glanced..But anyways I tell him because DH has never seen him, I saw him a few times when I was picking the skids up..He goes on to almost get in this mans face, looking like a fool he was like damn he looks like a nerd and starts laughing..Then Im like stop starring he said well you know what he looks like I

OT: I had a ME day

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And I totally enjoyed it, I think the hubby was buttering me up to the idea of having sd for the next two weeks..But newho I got myself a mani/pedi, facial and new hair color and extentions and damn do I have to say IM HOT..LOL..But if you can get out and have a ME day, I would suggest all of you to do it bc I feel wonderful..As for next week I may look like something the cat drug in, but thats okay for tonight I feel like and look like a princess..I will stop gloating now!! Just had to share my ME day with ya'll..Have a great weekend to you all..

Child Custody hearing next week..

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We go for CC next week and to be honest Im sick to my stomach, to think we will get his kids..I know I sound like a horrible wife and stepmother..And would never tell him that I dont want them living with us, because everytime they are here we fight and fight hard..I feel like if they do come here we wont last 6 months tops..They came over this past weekend and it was pure hell they pick at my dog who is only 3 months old, and loves to bite not hard just playing..Well they will put her on the couch then complain that shes biting them or get in the floor and cry that she is trying to play..T

Okay some of you

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have added me to your myspace/facebook..And let me tell you yall are some very beautiful women..And no wonder we have these crazy BM's just look at us, I would be JEALOUS too!!! DAMN DAMN lucky men we have, they better realize that also...I hope I dont offend anyone by this but just want you girls to know that you all are sooo beautiful...

Home Study!!

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I live in Virginia and we are expecting a home study, this Wednesday.. Does anyone have any idea what these consist of I have nothing to hide, but I am nervous about some stranger coming into my home and evaluating me..I have never been through anything remotely close to this..We are doing this because the judge ordered it, my DH is trying to get sole custody of his children..Any information will be greatly appreciated..

Need Advice!!! Sorry this is long

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Well this all started day b4 Valentines Day. I told DH that his ex WOULD NOT interfere with this holiday as she does every other one..So me being stupid assumed that NOTHING would come our way this time. So yesterday I go check the mail and low and behold theres a medical bill for his SD, well Im by no means paying this 400.00 bill..So Im livid at this point why in the hell would she have this bill sent to our house..So I call BM and she was being TOOO nice to me..Phone rings so I answer
Me: Hello