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This post is twisted and nasty. Be patient, plz?

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Did you guys see the disclaimer above? Take heed if you have a weak stomach.

We've had some "issues" with SD and the internet before....oh boy have we. She's been grounded from forums (for good reason) and even EMAIL lately (for good reason). starts. We can't watch her all day. AND GUESS WHAT SHE DOES? (joins NEW FORUMS...4 of them, rejoins old ones, and then.....)

Life and things that look like it, but maybe aren't.

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Still alive. Yep.

I have a question, and even lengthy answers are welcome:

How does one disengage? And because I assume that means "just stop doing the crap I do for someone who sh*ts on me and my biokids and my DH and everyone in the world even within a mile radius" do I do it when, and I am serious here, SD WON'T LET ME?

Oh and...

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DH and I are thinking of having a kid. I know, I know. I should run like hell.

But we are 35 (young, to me) and kids of our own.

So on top of insane sister (which we didn't expect, the cops were out of nowhere...previous post)...DH'S own insane daughter, my two sons, and just living....

we are supposed to start trying in 3 effing days. THREE DAYS.

My oldest is against us having kids. My youngest is for it. SD16(SLMOST 17) admits "I'LL BE SO, SO JEALOUS, MAYBE IT ISN'T A GOOD IDEA. I won't like more attention on someone else more than ME."

K. OT, BUT...mysis is a giant idiot-tuerd-C YOU NEXT TUESDAY...(get it?)

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So on top of having sd16(almost17) issues....I get to deal with big ass cracked out sister issues. Joy!

Y'all?????? COPS WERE AT MY HOUSE TODAY! Yeah. Multiple cop cars. Multiple cops.

My sis is a GIANT LOSER who can't take care of herself, much less her son. She just GAVE us her son from last Dec. to early this month. Why? Because he couldn't stand being SLAPPED IN THE FACE, NEGLECTED, AND CALLED A "MOTHER-FUCKER" AT BREAKFAST ANYMORE.

So of COURSE we took him in. But then she begged to have him back and swore she "changed".

Things I hate about being a step-mom (also venting, lol)

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You know what? I adore the idea of being able to say what I hate. I love even more that a wiser woman on here decided to start that thread. I am SO jeakous that I didn't think of it. LOL. But I will, to keep from being trashed by some...list what I love first:

What I love:


That's right, y'all. I said it. Woohoo look at the evil bitch who hates the entire situation. I hope I can become a diversion to the others in the original post. Wink

I am bad...but look @ this paper my SD wrote for school.

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Keep in mind: 1) my latest post about 6 flags 2)I want to edit the hell out of the following paper....but I cannot. Why? Hey, it's her assignment, and she refuses to accept help because she knows better than ANYONE how to write. ????

(BTW SD16--ALMOST 17--is a Junior in HS. And yes we've sent her to school and we've helped her here at home and we've sent her to SYLVAN for $45 an hour and she has $100,000 in the bank for college and her dad and I are college educated AND I KNOW THIS IS A RUN-ON BUT I ADORE IRONY SO I COULDN'T HELP IT)

Paul McCartney....6 Flags. (aka, why I will end up killing myself)

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This blog is not intended for anyone extremely HAPPY with their own DH/BF and skids and home life. I am not that fortunate. And I'll be DAMNED if I end up having to defend myself here like I do IN MY OWN HOME. My tone will not be "full of unicorns and sparkles" in this or any post. So sorry to interrupt your idea of what I should say. Biggrin

I wish I could ever blog during the day. But then "they'd" see. And I am not allowed that kind of freedom.