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Below you will find a previous post about a paper that SD16 (almost 17) wrote for class. She is a junior. Please keep that in mind.

But this post is about her grade for the paper....SHE GOT AN A. Plz, kill me now. Just GIVE UP on public school. That is all.

BTW SD16--ALMOST 17--is a Junior in HS. And yes we've sent her to school and we've helped her here at home and we've sent her to SYLVAN for $45 an hour and she has $100,000 in the bank for college and her dad and I are college educated AND I KNOW THIS IS A RUN-ON BUT I ADORE IRONY SO I COULDN'T HELP IT!

Riding my first roller coaster:

it was the summer of 2009 that I finally discovered that the thrill you get from the riding a roller coaster was actually not terrifying but really exiting. The anticipation is the worse part standing there having time to think seeing the “beast” in front of you and the screams of the passengers it’s enough to make me run away

but then as I was standing there felling two foot small I began to wonder why am I so scared I know I am safe I can see the people walking off the ride smiling and asking to go again there was not hurt so why would the roller coaster decide to wreck me while I am on it and I know that they do inspections all day long and if anything seemed out of place they would shut it down all together. That seemed to help a bit but I am still was scared!

But once I got on and went down the first hill I knew that something had changed in me I finally faced my fear I walked off with the biggest smile on my face I conquered the beast and i am so strong! Later that day when we were resting in the shade of the park I began to wonder something my dad told me once kept coming back more people die in car wrecks then in roller coaster accidents and I have been riding in cars since I was born everyone has but no one thinks twice when they are buckling in there seat belt that what they are doing might kill them there not scared it’s just a typical day!

But getting on a roller coaster is scary but it’s safe. You hear about multiple car crashes every single day but you rarely hear about a roller coaster accident. People get scared because they are in harm’s way but that does not seem to count for cars because it’s become a thing were used to we have been doing it for ever but that does not make it less dangerous. All in all peoples fear comes from what they are not used to so I guess if someone rides roller coaster a all there life it will become less thrilling.


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Holy crap! I hope my $400+ per month I pay for private school turns out a better education than this! Geez, good luck to this girl keeping a good job! I'd sue Sylvan and keep the college fund. She probably won't graduate anyways, right?

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You have to be kidding me? I would ask the teacher what was he/she thinking??

"And this too shall pass..."

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isn't any better. Kids are being so coddled these days. Forget spelling and grammar...If you can get your idea across, that's all that matters. College instructors and university professors everywhere are pulling their hair out. I'd like to meet the person who came up with "Whole Language" and slap them silly.

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HUH? How is that EVEN POSSIBLE??? *shaking head* I just don't get it,I really don't. I'm disgusted now.

Work out your own salvation. Do not depend on others. ~Buddha

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now she probably thinks she's a scholar! i agree with stuknaz --- ask the teacher wtf? i mean is she on the short bus english class?

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I suddenly feel soooo smart.

"Courage is fear holding on a minute longer." General George S. Patton

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I used to work for the Provincial Government in BC and I once received a resume from a high school graduate that was very similar to your SD's prose.

I didn't even short list her and I sent her letter and resume to Victoria to give an example as to why high school graduates are having trouble finding employment.

We all smile in the same language

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Because it's the ONLY reason that could possibly justify receiving an "A"

I mean, come on! There's scant punctuation, run-on sentences galore, numerous spelling errors (she couldn't even use "Spell check" for goodness sake?)

"...but then as I was standing there felling two foot small"

And don't even get me started on the incorrect usage of "there," "they're," and "their!"

"...thinks twice when they are buckling in there seat belt that what they are doing might kill them there not scared it’s just a typical day"

"Of course things worked out nicely for Carol Brady...she had a live-in maid and Mike's first wife was DEAD!"

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Of course we can't have our precious coddled marginally literate little treasures have their feelings hurt by receiving an accurate grade that actually reflects their performance..

My own SS-17 is now a senior in HS and is learning that his effort and performance will be accurately reflected in his Grades. There is not a snoballs chance in hell that this would have happened at his highly regarded Federal Blue Ribbon recognized public HS. In fact, he came to us in March of his Sophomore year in HS and told us that he was passing while not doing a damned thing, of course we knew this and had repeatedly expressed our concerns to his teachers, advisers and school administration to no avail. That March he asked to go to Military (Boarding) School because he was concerned that he would not be able to function at the College level when he graduated.

Interestingly at the public HS it is nearly impossible to fail a year. In order to fail an entire year the same two classes must be failed two grading periods in a row. Since they have Block scheduling (which is just a public school system get out of jail free card for the under performing little turds IMHO) they only have a class for two grading periods. All the kids have to do is get a D in either of the two grading periods and they can do absolutely nothing for the remainder of the semester and not be held back to repeat the school year. This is a good idea! (Note: Extreme sarcasm present) :jawdrop:

Block scheduling is fine for the kids that have the work ethic and character to actually perform. Those kids will excel under nearly any situation. It is the characterless little morons that slip through this asinine public education system that our great nation has evolved.

IMHO we have passed through mandated mediocrity and are well on our way to actively promoting functional (or not so functional) illiteracy as our National education legacy.

I would have to guess that the Teacher that gave this moronic drivel an A probably has tenure. Tenure???????? Guaranteed employment regardless of performance? That is truly a national educational catastrophe IMHO.

So, off to a Top 20 boarding school (Military) he went. He is far from a straight A student but he did receive Academic Honors, Military Honors and Athletic Honors for his New Cadet year and was invited to attend leadership camp and offered a leadership role for his Sr. year.

I get periodic calls from him with content along the lines of "Dad, you know how aggravated with me you would get when I would not pay attention to teachers instructions?" My New Cadets don't pay attention to anything and they are all struggling in school (three weeks in to the year). I have to teach them how to study!" My kid teaching someone else how to study? No F'in way! Boarding school tuition would be worth it at 10X the price. My Son is starting to get it. He is starting to get the connection between effort, quality of decisions and results. I am so proud! He is becoming a young man of character. I will be proud to present him to society as an adult because he will be one of the few of his generation that will actually understand that his success or failure is all on him.

The sad part ....... as an employer I seen these Functionally Illiterate HS graduates regularly. They just don't get that they actually have to come to work, perform their jobs at established performance levels and that they will be terminated if they violate attendance policies or are unable to perform the work to the expected levels.

Unfortunately I long ago got past the point where I feel bad about having to terminate these kids. They terminate themselves.

And our public HS's are exacerbating the problem. Fail them and they will get the message. More importantly their parents will get the message that it is our (the parent's) job to teach character and ethics and hold our kids accountable for their behavior, decisions and performance. All the schools should be doing is presenting the material, answering student questions, accurately grading the work and provide feedback to the kids on how to improve. We should not delude ourselves in to thinking that a school can do anythign about developing the "whole child". What a load of coddling, drivel and crap that is! Keep their butts in the seats, teach them the material, hold them accountable for learning it and pass or fail them according to their performance.

Let their parents parent them and raise them. If the HS kid does not comply with a firm set of rules for behavior and decorum boot their asses out the door and don't let them come back. If they don't earn a passing grade they don't pass and Mommy and Daddy should not be able to whine, complain or cajole the system to pass their lazy little sex trophies.

Just MHO of course.

Phew! I feel better now.

Best regards,

Success is rarely final. Failure is rarely fatal. It is character, courage and consistency of effort that count. Vince Lombardi (with some minor Rags modifications) To each according to their performance, screw Karl Marx. (Rags)

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I would be calling that school and raising 10 tons of hell!!!! GEEZ what is this world coming to?