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Does anyone else feel this way?

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Is there a point of no return. I've been treated like #%$ by the DH and SD/19 now for years and I'm done with both of them. Am I wrong for not wanting to try anymore and wanting out of the marriage and the stepmother role? I really feel like I'm at this point and it doesn't matter what the DH or SD/19 do good or bad. It's been a roller coaster ride that I'm ready to get off. I really don't think things will ever get better. Any advice please.

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Everyone has their limits. Your feelings are valid, food bad or indifferent. Don't let anyone try to take that away from you!'s picture

What is the purpose of life if you are miserable? If there is no way around it, it might be time to put you first and do what you need to do for you!

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You weigh the good and the bad...and have the foresight to know that that this too shall pass. Oops DH is home from taking SD home (1 hr 15 min drive 3 times a week)

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Gee there are quite a few of us feeling the same way. Try asking yourself a question Am I the only one trying,compromising, being understanding, forgiving, if it's yes then maybe you should end things, cos one can try and try and try but it takes two to make a relationship (any relationship) work. One can never do it alone. Why hang in there, hoping, waiting and trying and for what? more advantage to be taken? Take a stand! Maybe not leave at first, find other things to do with your time away from them, find things that make you smile and feel good about you, then all their drama and crap wont bother you so much and maybe they will start to miss you being around and make whatever changes they need to to spend more time with you. Or maybe you will be so happy about whatever it is that you have found to do with your time and they wont change a bit but at least you will be happy and in a good place to make that decision about leaving and it wont be with a lot of heart ache. Best of luck to you <3 hugs <3